Why choose Honda

The Honda difference

As well as renowned reliability, innovative engineering and competitive pricing, Honda bikes offer outstanding fuel economy and tax efficiency. Choosing Honda is a good business decision, pure and simple.

How Honda works for you

The UK's only motorcycle fleet dealer network.

Honda has introduced a specialist motorcycle fleet dealer network, the first in the UK. That means that not only do you get the benefit of our renowned reliability and bike build quality, but you’ll also get the specialist advice and support that we think our corporate customers need and deserve.

The benefits of doing business on two-wheels are very attractive, including low CO2, high fuel economy, increased productivity, fleet savings across the board and high residuals. Not to mention a very happy Accounts Department.

The power of dreams

At Honda we don’t end a conversation when someone says ‘impossible’. In fact, to us, that’s just the beginning. Whether it’s in a car, a motorbike, a hot air balloon, a robot or an F1 racing car, we believe in making dreams reality.

To do this, we put every effort into pushing our products and services as far as they can possibly go. That’s why we have fleet specialists with the experience and mind-set to handle your company needs. So no matter how individual, unique or impossible your ideas seem, we can help you make them happen.

Talk to those who know

We'll tailor a package for your needs.

Finance, tax implications, CO2 emissions, whole life cost comparison of particular bikes. There’s a lot to think about when considering which motorcycle models to choose for your company. That’s why we have one simple bit of advice: talk to one of our fleet managers. No matter how individual, unique or impossible your ideas seem, they’ll help you make them happen.

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We’ll talk to you about the bikes you need for your business and the savings you can make.