Honda Adventure Roads 2022

Iceland 2022: The Completed Journey

The third chapter in our journey of adventure discovery is completed. To watch our Iceland journey highlights and stay up to date, be sure to follow our Instagram here @hondaadventureroads. We look forward to announcing our future plans for the next Honda Adventure Roads soon, sign up below for more information.


Behind the Twin - Episode 01 HRC Dakar rider Nacho Cornejo tells us about his river crossing experience. “I’m not a river expert but I did a pretty solid job, I think the key is to keep the momentum going otherwise the rear wheel will get loose on the rocks if you stop”

Behind the Twin - Episode 02 Motocross world champion Dave Thorpe tells us about the challenging riding conditions in Iceland “The wind may be a problem later on, the riders need to be prepared for our surroundings, we have had strong winds, but the riders have dealt with it well”

Vast landscapes gave way to unlimited riding.

Our event partners

Roads to remember

The Africa Twin is the perfect partner for 30 riders who’ve joined us on the adventure of a lifetime over Iceland’s challenging moonscape.