Fleet and Business

Better for business

If your business relies on getting from A to B on time and on budget for your customers, then Honda motorcycles are the perfect choice to make sure you always deliver.

The benefits of bikes

Adding a Honda motorcycle to your company fleet makes good business sense. As we all know, time is money and a motorbike can help you save both.

See how it all adds up

Do the sums and see how choosing Honda motorcycles for your organisation will work for you.

Easiest business decision

Totally reliable. Engineered and built to perfection. Designed around you and your every day needs. You’d buy Honda bikes for your business for many of the same reasons you’d buy one for yourself.

And if your company is thinking about fleet allowances for employees, talk to us because we support fleet allowance on all bikes in the Honda range.

Calculate your SMR costs

Honda bikes are amazingly reliable. Use our handy tool to work out Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) costs.

Get in touch

We’ll talk to you about the bikes you need for your business and the savings you can make.