Honda bikes – riding on success

It’s amazing the difference two wheels can make to your bottom line.

Maximise your productivity

Traffic congestion. Roadworks. Rush hours. Not only are they frustrating, they can affect the efficiency and output of your business. Because motorcycles are better at negotiating traffic, easier to park and can use bus lanes, they’ll save you valuable time – which can increase your productivity.

Lower your running costs

Lower purchase price or leasing costs. Cheaper road taxes. Exemption from congestion charges, most toll fees and parking costs. When all this is combined with the fuel savings, it adds up to a very cost effective fleet solution.

How Honda saved DWS Automotive 50%

Don’t take our word for the savings Honda can make for your business. Find out how DWS Automotive transformed their transport costs.

Funding with Honda Contract Hire

With our Honda Contract Hire service you can tailor your monthly rentals to suit your fleet or business requirements. 

Get in touch

We’ll talk to you about the bikes you need for your business and the savings you can make.