Honda X-ADV - 3-quarter front ride, with rider, between city and forest, grey bike
Honda X-ADV - 3-quarter front ride, with rider, between city and forest, grey bike





Our X-ADV made the first move. Broke the ground. And led the way. Combining the capabilities and performance of an adventure motorcycle, with the comfort, convenience and commuting ability of a large-capacity scooter, it’s a two-wheeled SUV that defies convention. A premium urban explorer, capable of going from city block, to off-road trail (and back) in a heartbeat, the X-ADV turns every single ride into a unique experience. And we’ve made every part of it better.


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    We’ve made the X-ADV even more versatile, ready for whatever you have planned.

    The frame is lighter, a redesigned seat makes ground reach easier and new bodywork heightens a rugged style that the X-ADV has made its own. It also hides more storage space and a USB Type-C charger. Dual headlights feature highly-visible DRL technology, while the full-colour TFT screen offers intuitive control. You can also now link to many smartphone functions, such as navigation, calls, messages and music, via the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (available with Android™ devices only). So, wherever you end up, you’re never out of touch.

    Honda X-ADV - 3-quarter front right ride, with rider, city street
    Honda X-ADV - 3-quarter front right ride, with rider, forest road

    For a thrilling charge around the rev-counter, we’ve raised the rpm limit and boosted power from the 745cc, twin-cylinder engine. Throttle By Wire (TBW) control and four default riding modes optimise performance to suit conditions and terrain. And the X-ADV is flexible – you have the option to fully customise engine output and character, as well as the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) shifting schedule, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and ABS level.


    From smooth tarmac, via rough city streets, to off-road trails. The X-ADV has it covered.

    Honda X-ADV, grey bike in forest track
    Honda X-ADV, grey bike in street location


    Performance to enjoy and handling that inspires. Wherever you ride.

    The twin-cylinder engine is a compact, punchy powerhouse. You know what adventures you have planned for your X-ADV, so we’ve taken away 2kg of weight and given it more peak power, 43.1kW (with 69Nm torque) through revised intake, cam timing and exhaust. With Throttle By Wire control, four default riding modes cover most conditions and manage engine power and engine braking, ABS and Dual Clutch Transmission together. The Honda Selectable Torque Control level has much finer control over 3 levels, also adjusts to suit. All riding modes are easily selected via the TFT screen and left handlebar switches and, with the USER option, you can fully customise your X-ADV’s performance.

    The tubular steel diamond-style frame is brand new. It’s stronger, with the exact same dimensions, steering geometry and long-travel suspension that provides the sure-footed, agile handling to inspire confidence no matter what, or where, you’re riding.  And dual, radial-mount opposed four-piston brake calipers bite their discs hard. In all default road riding modes the ABS level is high; with GRAVEL selected ABS level is low, for efficient and consistent braking on loose surfaces.

    Honda X-ADV, 3-quarter front right side, with rider, parked, grey bike
    Honda X-ADV, 3-quarter front right side, rider standing on grey bike, forest track
    Honda X-ADV, 3-quarter front right side, parked on parking, sunset
    Honda X-ADV, right side, with rider, grey bike, forest track
    Honda XADV app view.


    Make your favourite Honda your own through the Honda Motorcycles Europe app. It’s easy. Choose the bike you want and select a colour. Then, see how it looks sat in your garage through the AR feature. There’s an Integrated Accessories Catalogue, so you can add the parts you want. And the Honda Motorcycles Europe YouTube channel is now part of the app, with a gallery of videos to enjoy.