CRF1100L Africa Twin

Forged Through Toughness

Model on CRF1100L Africa Twin bike in a desert location.

The Africa Twin just got an upgrade. It's still the amazingly agile Adventure bike it has always been – with performance to push to the limit – but with extra low-down torque for drive. A new adjustable screen makes those on-road days much more comfortable. Tubeless tyres are easily repairable. And, the Electronic Suspension option of the Africa Twin ES, with Showa-EERA™, opens a whole new horizon of adventure.


Model riding CRF1100L Africa Twin motorbike in a desert location.

More Muscular Performance

Torque is what finds drive in the dirt. It’s what brings the instant acceleration needed for safe overtaking, especially when two up and loaded. So, we’ve given the OHC liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine 7% more, with much stronger performance off the bottom and through the middle of the rev-range. And, thanks to higher compression ratio, new valve timing and updated intake and exhaust there’s no loss of power – 75kW (101 hp) at peak – with the precise response and feel of Throttle By Wire control.

Model riding CRF1100L Africa Twin motorbike in a desert location.

To Push Limits

Riding off-road is about finding the balance to push. Which is exactly what this chassis does. The formula is precise; a lightweight steel frame, CRF450R-inspired aluminium swingarm and bolt-on subframe provide the right rigidity and feedback for traction. Long travel Showa suspension – 230mm stroke front, 220mm rear – with updated settings absorbs rough terrain, and there’s huge 250mm ground clearance to clear obstacles. For pinpoint setup the rear shock, operating through Pro-Link, is fully adjustable for compression and rebound damping. A new Electronic Suspension version of the Africa Twin is now available.

Model riding CRF1100L Africa Twin motorbike in a desert location.

For Every Adventure

The Africa Twin is loaded with electronics that make the ride more enjoyable and safer. No matter the route. 7-level Honda Selectable Torque Control – managed by a 6-Axis IMU – monitors rear wheel traction and smoothly gathers up drive on- or off-road. 3-level wheelie control gives just the front wheel lift you want, while cornering ABS inspires full braking confidence. Four default riding modes, URBAN, TOUR, GRAVEL and OFF-ROAD are set ready but you can go fully custom, across all of the parameters, in USER mode.

Model riding CRF1100L Africa Twin motorbike in a desert location.

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

You can choose your Africa Twin with six-speed DCT, which means zero-stress, smooth, automatic shifting up and down, great for long distance riding. It’s newly updated, for a natural feel on launch, and at low speeds. Customisable, from relaxed to ultimate sports performance. You can also switch to manual control using the left-hand trigger-shifters. And, when riding off-road, a press of G switch (on the TFT display) reduces clutch slip, boosting rear wheel traction and feel.

Model driving CRF1100L Africa twin motorbike on rocky terrain in desert location.

CRF1100L Africa Twin ES

We’ve pressed the upgrade button. Firmly. The Africa Twin ES packs Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (Showa-EERA™) which means optimum damping settings, all the time. Want a perfect base setting? Choose Mid. There’s also Hard, for progressive riding, touring, or carrying a pillion and luggage, Soft for easy manoeuvrability and Off-Road for precise suspension reaction away from tarmac. User allows total customisation (when stationary) and you can swap between modes – and adjust rear spring preload – while riding. The Africa Twin ES also packs heated grips and an ACC socket as standard.

The Perfect Travel Partner

Maximum Power


Ground Clearance


Adjustable Seat height


Kerb Weight (MT)


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CRF1100L Africa twin motorbike parked in a desert location.

Bold Colours

Take a good look around and choose yours.

  • Matte Ballistic Black Metallic Standard
  • Pearl Glare White (ES only) Standard
  • Grand Prix Red Standard
Model driving CRF1100L Africa twin motorbike on a road in a mountain location.

Tuned Twin-Cylinder Sound

Thanks to new valve timings, and an updated air intake and exhaust system, there's no compromise on power throughout the rev range. Click to listen to the refined parallel twin cylinder engine sound.

The Journey Begins

CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
CRF1100L Africa Twin

CRF1100L Africa Twin

CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports

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Model driving a CRF1100L Africa twin motorbike in a desert location.

Honda Adventure Roads 2024

It’s time for our next adventure, this time Morocco where the Africa Twin will return to its roots, following in the footsteps of previous Dakar rally's. 10 Days, 30 Riders, what are you waiting for? Click to find out more.