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Sustainability in Europe

Since its founding, Honda has been driven by a desire to help people and society. We believe that our efforts to benefit the environment, improve safety for everyone, and make a positive social contribution can expand the potential of people’s lives and bring them joy.

Across Europe, we are committed to being a company society wants to exist.

Honda’s 2030 Vision

Honda’s global 2030 Vision outlines our goal to serve people worldwide with the ‘joy of expanding their life’s potential. To achieve this, we will lead in the advancement of mobility and develop initiatives that help realise a carbon-free society.

At the heart of this vision is a commitment to providing consumers with quality products that meet diverse individual needs and social expectations.

Carbon neutrality

Triple Action to ZERO by 2050

Honda is striving to realize a circular resource society which aims for “zero environmental impact."

By 2050, we look to reduce consumption of natural resources for all of our products and corporate activities throughout the entire product life cycle. Taking initiative in the three interrelated focus areas (Triple Action to ZERO): “carbon neutrality,” “clean energy,” and “resource circulation.”

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Working towards zero environmental impact

Honda contributes to the realisation of a sustainable society by striving to eliminate environmental impact for the benefit of all. Discover the steps we are already taking across Europe.

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Enriching people’s lives so they can pursue their dreams

Honda proactively engages with communities throughout Europe to promote diversity, provide support, and resolve social issues. Learn how our initiatives progress towards building a better society.

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Protecting human lives through safety advances

Honda is continually advancing safety technology and promoting education to realise a society where people can experience each day with complete freedom and peace of mind.

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Enhancing corporate responsibility and transparency

Honda strives to be a ‘company society wants to exist’, so we continue to strengthen our European corporate governance procedures in harmony with Honda’s wider global vision for sustainability.

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