Neo Sports Café


CB650R Neo Sports Café, right side, rolling with rider, at night in urban landscape
CB650R Neo Sports Café, right side, rolling with rider, at night in urban landscape

Every day is a journey. Start yours today with the CB650R. Distinctive performance of raw sports street fighters and stripped-down Neo Sports Café styling. The CB650R – with style, suspension and equipment updates – is ready to take you on an unforgettable, urban adventure.


Rev the engine and feel the CB650R roar to life. Close your eyes and listen to the highly tuned, inline four-cylinder symphony, performed through sinuous exhaust downpipes and compact muffler. You’re ready to dominate the road (best heard with headphones).

Details matter

Take a closer look at the unique features of the CB650R.


Minimum fuss, maximum motorcycle.

The CB650R features a sleek, streamlined design to match your sophisticated urban style. The bike’s ultra-compact, powerful stance channels the retro-minimalism of the CB1000R Neo Sports Café. It blends curved lines with taut angles and, now, is even more dynamic with newly-chiselled side panels and sleek rear number plate mount. With the CB650R, less gives you more.


Built to be used. And enjoyed.

The inline four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine is built to be used. Close, short gearing and a smooth rush of power delivers exhilarating acceleration – and then there’s the evocative howl as rpm climbs high. It’s addictive. An assist/slipper clutch eases upshifts and manages hard down changes, while Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) maintains rear wheel traction. It’s an engineering masterpiece. Have fun with it.

CB650R Neo Sports Café, right side, zoom on engine and front wheel, studio shot
CB650R Neo Sports Café, zoom on exhaust pipe, studio shot
CB650R Neo Sports Café, 3-quarter front right side with rider, in urban landscape at night
CB650R Neo Sports Café, front view, zoom on front light, in urban landscape at night


Everything you need. Nothing to get in your way.

A premium motorcycle deserves premium equipment. Full LED lighting adds a sophisticated, contemporary edge, and the distinctive circular headlight throws out a penetrating blue-tinted beam. There also now a USB socket under the seat, for charging your device and the instrument display – with improved clarity – is a crisp LCD dash, and includes Gear Position and Shift Up indicators.

CB650R Neo Sports Café, front view, zoom on cockpit


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