Honda CB125R, 3-quarter front right side, studio shot, black bike




The CB125R packs concentrated performance into a stylish silhouette, offering an exciting  riding experience for new riders. A small sibling of the awesome CB1000R – and therefore a member of the Neo Sports Café family – it makes an instant statement with bold styling enfolding a tubular steel frame. A state-of-the-art LCD dash and full LED lighting are premium features, but what will really get your attention is the extra power of the new 125cc DOHC engine and suspension precision of Showa SFF-BP USD forks.



From a small bike that’s big on fun.

With an emphasis on minimalism, the more you ride the CB125R, the more your confidence will grow. While its compact size makes it easy to manage, its big bike features ensure it’s the perfect introduction to real-world motorcycling. The all-new, DOHC 4V single-cylinder engine produces an extra 1.2kW and 1.6Nm peak power and torque driving through a slick-changing, six-speed gearbox. Matching the engine upgrade are 41mm Showa SFF-BP USD front forks – a high-quality specification you’ll find on our bigger bikes – that deliver pinpoint control and steering, alongside full-size tyres and radial-mount front brake caliper with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) ABS management. If you’re ready to go to the next level, this is it.

Honda CB125R, right side, zoom on front wheel and brakes, studio shot, blue bike
Honda CB125R, right side, zoom on tank and handlebar, studio shot, blue bike
Honda CB125R, 3-quarter, front right side, zoom on lights, studio shot, black bike
Honda CB125R, zoom on engine, studio shot


What is Neo Sports Café? It’s pure connection to your motorcycle.

The excitement of the ride. Each member of the family ­– the single-cylinder CB125R and CB300R, and four-cylinder CB650R and CB1000R – offer thrilling motorcycling performance from both engine and chassis. But there’s more than that. Each features a specification stacked toward the premium, with a spotlight on quality hardware. And there’s the style. Neo Sports Café stands out with the elegant simplicity of engineering, bold and brutally beautiful. You’re proud to know it’s yours.

Honda CB125R, right side, studio shot, black bike