Honda Unsolicited Ideas Submission Policy

November 2022

Ideas, proposals and suggestions to Honda from the public

The public sometimes submits ideas, proposals and suggestions to Honda for technology, design, naming, and many others related to Honda's manufacturing and business operations. All of us at Honda are grateful for your expectations and interests in Honda.

However, Honda operates independent research and development as well as related business activities in vast fields and domains, therefore, there is a possibility that all or part of your ideas, proposals and suggestions may happen to be identical or similar to Honda’s originally created unpublished ideas (intellectual property).

Because of such Honda’s business circumstances, Honda has the policy which avoids any misunderstandings or disputes between the proposer and Honda. Honda has been taking the following actions in response to ideas, proposals and suggestions submitted from the public to Honda.

Honda does not accept any ideas, proposals and suggestions from anyone outside Honda, as a general rule.

Please note that despite this Honda's policy, if you still submit Honda any ideas, proposals and suggestions, Honda understands that you have agreed to the following conditions before your submissions.

  • Honda does not guarantee that the contents of your submissions will be reviewed or evaluated by Honda.
  •  Honda is under no obligation to respond to your submissions.
  •  Honda is not liable for any responsibility, loss or damage, including monetary compensation, in the event that any Honda products or services are completely or partly identical or similar to the contents of your submissions.
  • Honda is not obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the contents of your submissions.
  • Honda is not obligated to return any materials related to the contents of your submissions.

If you still wish to submit your ideas, proposals and suggestions after reading abovementioned Honda's policy, you may submit to the following address on condition that you have agreed that the Honda’s policy applies to all your submissions.

Intellectual Property Division,

Honda Motor Europe Ltd.

Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1HL, UK