Model riding motorbike in a mountain location.

Next Level Riding

Want to step it up? Ride Honda E-Clutch. This is brand-new, unique to Honda technology that means you don’t need to use the clutch lever starting, stopping or changing gears up or down. It’s smooth and instant control – better than pro-level – and makes carving a set of twisting corners even more fun, and navigating the city stress free. And don’t worry. If you need to use the clutch manually at any time, you can. The choice is yours.

The new CB650R and CBR650R are the first motorcycles to launch with Honda E-Clutch technology as an option.

Close up image of Honda E-clutch engine

How Honda E-Clutch Works

The Honda E-Clutch opens up a whole new aspect of the riding experience for every type of rider from beginner to seasoned expert. It takes elements of the technology and performance of quickshifters, manually-operated clutches and Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission technology to create a unique blend of these well-proven approaches.

During the gear change, it uses a harmonised combination of ‘half-clutch’ operation, fuel injection cut and ignition control to eliminate ‘shift shock’ for an ultra-smooth ride. The clutch control itself is managed through an actuator unit - similar to those used in Honda’s unique Dual Clutch Transmission gearboxes - housed inside the right hand engine cover. All you have to do is to use the throttle and change gears via the shift pedal. And if you'd like to use the clutch manually at any point, simply grab the lever and use normally. And after a few seconds the E-Clutch technology is back on. Alternatively, there's the option to turn off completely via the TFT screen for an individual ride.

Honda CBR650R with e-clutch on track

Expert Level Performance Shifting

Honda E-Clutch offers a real performance advantage when riding on twisting roads. It’s huge, exciting fun, at any stage of a riding career. Gear changes using just the shift pedal are effortless and controlled – so you can concentrate on the next corner, and the one after that. This means seamless, instant shifting, with no momentary engine deceleration or shift shock. The weight of the system is just 2kg, to keep the overall kerb weight low and maintain agility. It’s an expert level experience, all the time.

Introducing Honda E-Clutch

See the new Honda E-Clutch technology in action, hear our riders first impressions and understand the Honda E-Clutch development with insight from the engineers at Honda Motor Japan.


Honda E-Clutch Engineers

Junya Ono E-Clutch engineer

"Comfort, peace of mind and sportiness were the development pillars of the Honda E-clutch."

Junya Ono – Large Project Leader

Junya Ono E-Clutch engineer

"We developed the Honda E-clutch as an evolution of the manual transmission to offer riders more flexibility."

Tatsuya Ryuzaki –Control Design Project Leader

Junya Ono E-Clutch engineer

"A key feature of the Honda E-clutch is at any time, the rider can operate the clutch normally by simply squeezing the lever."

Ryohei Tsuzuki –Drive Train Test Project Leader

Model on a motorcycle in a mountain location.


Stripped back for hugely enjoyable performance – from city block to twisting backroad – the CB650R defines pure four-cylinder magic and loads with strong acceleration, lightweight agility and sharp new CB1000R-inspired Neo Sports Café style. Add the choice of riding one of the first bikes with Honda’s incredible new E-Clutch system, starting/stopping and shifting without using the clutch, and premium tech like new TFT screen and Honda RoadSync connectivity, sometimes less really can be more.

Discover CB650R
Model on a motorcycle in a street location.


The CBR650R is a beautiful, four-cylinder middleweight sports motorcycle. It’s got a smooth rush of turbine-like inline power, from low- to high-rpm. The opportunity to ride with the next-level performance advantage that shifting with Honda E-Clutch delivers. Aggressively redrawn styling, inspired by our CBR1000RR-R Fireblade. And premium technology, like new TFT screen and Honda RoadSync connectivity, that make this star shine even brighter.

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