• Honda CBR1000RR motorbike front-three quarter view with rider, leaning into bend. Left-facing (Race track location).


    Super Sport

    "Racing improves the breed" - Soichiro Honda

Power, performance and total control

Front three quarter view of Honda CBR600RR and rider in dark location.

Honda CBRs have always delivered a winning combination of exhilarating performance and invigorating sports-inspired design.

The CBR600RR (above) epitomises this philosophy with improved suspension, lightweight 12-spoke wheels and more efficient aerodynamic styling. The CBR500R, meanwhile, opens a new world of performance riding for A2 licence holders. With stunning liveries throughout the range, our latest CBR models are rewarding to ride, and aesthetically eye-catching.

Front three quarter view of Honda CBR1000RR and rider in the TT race.