CRF125F Small calibre weapon


We’ve got some big guns in our CRF-MX line up and the CRF125F is proud to line up next to them. The perfect entry bike for young riders aged 10, or over, who are looking for fun and a bike to feed their off-road passion.


Ready to light the fuse for any kid who wants to progress to bigger fire power.

It may be small, but the CRF125F shares the same styling and some of the features of its bigger CRF brothers. Hit the electric start and the air-cooled SOHC engine is eager to go, tuned specifically for smooth bottom end torque it’s perfect for junior riders. The diamond-spar steel frame, 31mm diameter telescopic fork with 140mm of travel and Honda Pro-Link rear suspension system provide a tough chassis to bash on through the rough stuff.

CRF125F Better bike, better rider


On the CRF125F, young riders can progress to more adventurous riding, safely.

With a suspension system built around a beefy 31mm telescopic fork and heavy weight springs, the bike is perfect for soaking up the forces from a jump.

Taking more of the shock

The rear shock has a 32mm diameter piston damper with separate air/oil/gas pressure chambers to reduce emulsification and maintenance.

CRF125F more adventurous riding
CRF125F young riders can progress

Honda Pro-Link System

The stiff steel swingarm is built around the Honda Pro-Link system, which uses needle bearings to diminish friction.

Room to grow

Getting to grips with off road riding.

The learnings from early years are invaluable to help novices grow into accomplished off-road riders.

Braking power

A 220mm front disc brake is hydraulically operated with an adjustable span lever. Complemented by the 95mm rear drum brake, both provide a good even balance of braking power.

 CRF125F Room to grow