HAR rider in Morocco on dusty terrain.

Honda Adventure Roads

Honda Adventure Roads 2025: Rome to Istanbul - A Transcontinental adventure. 

Register your interest below for the 2025 edition of Honda Adventure Roads, starting in Rome, and finishing in historic Istanbul. Channel true adventure with the Africa Twin across two continents in this all-new bespoke riding experience.

Honda Adventure Roads

Ready for Adventure

Starting in Rome and finishing in Istanbul, Turkey. Riders will travel into eight countries, riding on two continents to reach the finish line for Honda Adventure Roads 2025.  A variety of different terrain has been planned across the adventure, from winding roads cutting into mountains, and a variety of off-road trails and forests. Honda Adventure Roads 2025 will provide a challenging but rewarding experience for all riders.  With 30 rider spaces available, each rider will be using the latest Honda Africa Twin to complete this new milestone journey. 

Honda Adventure Roads

Are you ready?

Passing through eight countries, riders will first experience the Apennines Mountain range in Italy, soon boarding a ferry to Croatia. Very quickly, the small roads will become tracks and the Balkan chain rises in the landscape, taking riders south. Cross through Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania to Beautiful Lake Orhid. The lake marks the border as riders cross into Northern Macedonia and into the region of Thessaloniki, Greece. Finally crossing the border to Turkey to the final destination - Istanbul.

Group of riders in Iceland.

The Philosophy

Honda Adventure Roads is more than adrenaline-fueled riding. It’s a real adventure. One that pushes limits, physically and mentally. Our events are designed to test the capabilities of human and machine, taking both to places that would never have seemed possible – before. But they’re so much more than that. From whale watching in Iceland to nights in Lavvu tents under the stars in Nordkapp, whole new worlds, cultures and peoples open up. Honda Adventure roads isn’t just about reaching the destination; it’s about the transformative journey that lies in-between. 

Riders on the roads.

The Adventure

You ride to explore and push for challenge. You ride to be free. And we have a place for you. Discover the Honda Adventure Roads community, the embodiment of the spirit of adventure and power of teamwork. Through our incredible events – across countries like Norway, Iceland and South Africa – riders have come together to conquer the wildest terrain, from breath-taking peaks to unforgiving, beautiful deserts forging lasting bonds and a vibrant, tight-knit community. You’ll find their shared experiences are at the core of our community. And, perhaps, you’ll find the inspiration to make your own mark on the world, and Honda Adventure Roads itself.

Experts explaining to a group of riders.

The Experts

When you join Honda Adventure Roads for your ride of a lifetime, you’ll be alongside some special people. Over the years, in our previous events a stellar line-up of HRC Dakar riders – including Ricky Brabec, Adrien Van Beveren and Nacho Cornejo – as well as MX legend Dave Thorpe have passed over invaluable knowledge to riders, but also excitement that inspires. And, looking forward, Spanish enduro rider Kirian Mirabet will be front and centre displaying his amazing riding skill, and always on hand to lead and lend a hand with riding tips and tricks for each and every Honda Adventure Roads rider to take away.