Honda - Monkey - Set yourself free


Release the pure fun of motorcycling. It’s what the Monkey’s made for.



In the city. Be where you want to be, when you want to be. And enjoy every second.

When you first see a Monkey with its shimmering new blue paint, you smile. When you first ride a Monkey, you’re guaranteed to be wearing the biggest grin, especially with its brand-new engine. Sure, it’s small enough to pack away behind a camper van, and wriggle through gaps in city traffic nothing else will get through. But what the Monkey is really all about is the sheer, basic joy of riding. And that’s the beauty of it.


Ready to ride something completely different?

There’s nothing else quite like a Monkey. It has style all of its own. And character like nothing else. Chromed high-rise handlebars, plus frame, swingarm and shock absorbers painted the same colour as the peanut fuel tank – and the high-level mudguards – all draw attention, as do the chunky block-section tyres. But underneath it has a brand-new, fuel-efficient air-cooled 125cc engine and 5-speed gearbox bolted into a sturdy chassis that features IMU-controlled ABS braking. It’s also small and light, just 104kg, with a comfy seat set just 775mm from the ground. A small bike with a big heart, built to put the fun in your function. That’s Monkey.

Honda - Monkey - A character like nothing else
Honda - Monkey - Small and light
Honda - Monkey - Small bike big heart
Honda - Monkey - Ready to ride something completely different
Honda Monkey with check seat

An Icon Reimagined

The original Monkey was a ‘60s icon. It was the two-wheeled machine to be seen on, and nothing’s changed. The 2023 model pays homage to the original with a new check seat and two-tone silver metallic fuel tank, the final touch is the colour-matched pearl nebula red to give you a true nostalgic feeling.


You make the magic.

The Monkey’s a feeling. Of living carefree in the moment and making memories for now, and the future. Its history with Honda might go all the way back to 1961 – when the world was a different place – but what it represents, what it is and what it means, is as important now as it ever was. The Monkey is two-wheeled freedom at its best.

Honda - Monkey - We make the motorcycle