E10 Fuel Update for Honda Motorcycles

With E10 petrol moving towards becoming the standard fuel used in the UK market, we want to assure you on the safety and compatibility of your Honda Motorcycle.

E10 Petrol and your Honda Motorcycle

Honda Motorcycles

All Honda motorcycles produced for the EU market since 1993 YM (year model), are compatible with E10 petrol. 


What is E10 fuel?

In brief: Petrol that has up to 10% ethanol content.

E10 petrol is a new fuel specification for petrol powered vehicles and equipment. The E10 fuel specification has the same quality standards as the current regular unleaded 95 petrol but allows for the inclusion of up to 10% ethanol, where as the current regular unleaded 95 petrol allows for the inclusion of only up to 5% ethanol.

What’s the difference between E10 and current unleaded petrol?

E10 petrol meets the same quality standards as current unleaded petrol 95, but a greater volume of renewable fuels may be blended in to it. 

Why are some petrol powered vehicles and equipment not compatible with E10?

Some petrol engines, especially older ones, may face some issues of material compatibility when using E10 petrol which may affect the vehicle/device’s fuel system and/or engine. 

Where can I find out if my Motorcycle is compatible?

Please visit the Government website to find out if your Motorcycle is compatible here 

For more information on E10 petrol, visit E10 petrol explained - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)