Montesa Cota 4RIDE off road.


Your ride starts at home. Cover any terrain with confidence, style and ease. Then, ride back to your garage. Set no limits on your adventure.

Toni Bou riding a Montesa Cota 4RIDE

The Montesa 4RIDE combines the off-road performance of a trials motorcycle -as you would expect from a Montesa- with unmatchable comfort. One bike that can truly do it all.

Montesa 4Ride on location.

Set your own limits

Care and attention to detail is the Montesa difference. Every seam or weld is a work of art and it’s the vast experience - only gathered over time - that goes into producing some of the finest trials bikes in the world. The Cota 4RIDE is the latest in a long line of special machines.

Montesa 4Ride on location.

An adventure awaits

Nobody likes constraints, which is where the Cota 4RIDE comes in handy. It has a trials bike’s ability – thanks to a strong and smooth 259cc four-stroke engine, twin-spar aluminum frame, 39mm TECH front fork and Pro-Link rear shock – but also a comfortable seat and riding position, extended suspension travel and 4.3L fuel tank plus headlight and taillight. Because, after all, who knows where the trail leads? Adventure yourself and find out on the Cota 4RIDE. 

Montesa 4Ride on location.

Nothing is impossible 

See that climb? Impossible they say. Not on the Cota 4RIDE. When it’s time to really explore, and stray well off the beaten track, it has the performance DNA to soar, finding grip where others slide or spin.

Montesa 4Ride on location.

No matter where the adventure takes you

Stop, take a look around. The stunning view is courtesy of nature and millennia passed, but the fact you’re there to enjoy it, after just a few hours in the saddle is down to you and the Cota 4RIDE. Take a minute - enjoy it. You’ve earnt it.