XL750 Transalp

Technology for the adventure

Rider on XL750 Transalp in mountain location.

High-Level Performance

The  XL750 Transalp is the ultimate all-rounder. Mixing both long-distance touring comfort with high-level performance for those fun mountain pass rides. The aim is to enable you to enjoy a motorcycling lifestyle that is freer and more adventurous than ever before. Chief Engineer Shigeru Awazu provides a first-hand account on his experience and involvement in the development of the Transalp. 

Power and Torque Tuned for Versatility

67.5kW power and 75Nm torque are strong numbers. But it’s how the 755cc 8V parallel twin-cylinder engine delivers you’ll really notice. Our air vortex intake technology amplifies and extends the torquey feeling throughout the range. So, on a dirt track, around town or out on the open road, two-up and fully loaded, this engine is tuned for the versatile performance you need.

Mekki Cylinders

The Mekki cylinders built for the Transalp have been manufactured using Ni-SiC plating in the Kumamoto Factory in Japan.  The high-specification Ni-SiC plating reduces friction and weight of the crankshaft, increasing power at high rpm. The same plating is used on the Fireblade, CRF450R and F1 engines.

Front view of Xl750 Transalp headlight close up.

Friendly, dependable, and tough design.

To create a sense of adventure and a wide range of usability, from everyday city riding to weekend leisure adventures, a friendly and dependable design was pursued.

With its dignified style and tough, angular design, the Transalp has been designed to be an all-rounder and ridden without being overbearing, making it a popular pick within the Honda range, suitable for a wide range of riders. A large fairing with a flush surface provides a good balance between wind protection and performance, making it perfectly comfortable on motorways and those longer journeys.

The large shrouds that wrap around the front from both sides give the Transalp an adventure style that emphasises toughness and inspires adventure.

Rear XL750 transalp in mountain location.

Handling, riding dynamics and comfort.

The Transalp provides confidence, no matter the journey. With a minimum ground clearance or 212mm, it offers driving performance that allows you to ride over rough surfaces without worrying about the road. An 850mm seat height and 208kg kerb weight make the Transalp easy to manage from walking pace upwards; the riding position is relaxed yet sits you upright, offering great visibility and natural comfort. Compact and highly functional, the fairing and screen feature aerodynamics carefully sculpted to increase stability and reduce wind noise and buffeting at speed.

Close up of Xl750 Transalp suspension.

Suspension setup

To ensure comfort and compliance on a variety of road surfaces and terrains, SHOWA front and rear suspension is fitted as standard. At the front, an upside-down front fork with inner pipe of diameter 43 mm and SFF-CA™ of 200 mm strokes. At the rear, 190 mm strokes with spring pre-load adjuster and a pressurized shock absorber with separate tank and Pro Link aluminium hybrid swingarm. All this combined provides the Transalp with exceptional manoeuvrability riding on all terrains.