Rethink DCT: Honda’s revolutionary Dual Clutch Transmission

Launched in 2010, DCT technology, unique to Honda Motorcycles, has evolved into one of the most advanced power transmissions on 2 wheels today. With a choice of Manual and Automatic modes at your fingertips, you’ll never lose that exhilarating connection to your bike – on or off the road.


Dai Arai, chief engineer Honda DCT

"The biggest thing for me is how much brain bandwidth DCT frees up to use on what is most enjoyable about riding – cornering, looking for the right lines, timing your braking and acceleration."

The many benefits of DCT

Honda DCT Mechanism

In this video we present the clutch operation and gear shift operation, performed automatically during acceleration and deceleration.

In a normal manual transmission, the shift spindle is rotated by operating the shift pedal on the left foot, and the gears are slid through the shift drum and shift fork, but in a dual clutch transmission, the shift motor takes on this role. The shift spindle is operated by the shift motor in the same way when using the optional foot pedal setting.


Honda DCT Riders Opinion

Check out John O’Kelly’s opinion on the DCT Africa Twin with his experience riding offroad.


Choose a Honda bike with DCT

Honda offers a wide selection of bikes with DCT from the NC750X to Honda’s flagship Gold Wing. The choice of Manual and Automatic modes, engineered for each model’s unique character, transforms any style of ride.