Riding safely

The right gear. Regular bike maintenance. Seasonal precautions. There are some essential things you need to take care of before you head out.

Rider adjusting his right glove sitting. Rear of motorcycle to rider's right.

Tips and advice

Here we’ll tell you about some of the hiccups and hazards you might encounter out on the road. But of course you’ll always be using your own good judgment too!

Don’t drink and ride

Alcohol and riding don't mix – simple. Even one drink can reduce your ability to respond to changing conditions, and your reaction time gets worse with every additional drink. So – don't drink and ride, and don't let your friends do it either!

Keep your passenger safe

Always think about the safety of your passenger. Make sure they’re wearing an approved motorcycle helmet, eye protection and high-visibility protective clothing. Keep a close eye on the weather and road conditions – a passenger can affect the responsiveness of your machine.

Know your limits

Never ride beyond your personal abilities or faster than is safe for the conditions. And as we’ve already said, alcohol, drugs and fatigue can significantly reduce your ability to make good judgments.


For safe riding, it's important that you inspect your motorcycle before every journey, and perform all the maintenance we’ve recommended. Never exceed load limits, and only use accessories that have been approved by Honda for your motorcycle.