Pre-ride checks

You can perform basic safety checks yourself if you have the right tools. This will help you to understand your machine and how it works. It’ll also help you diagnose problems you notice while you’re riding.

Rear of motorcycle, rider sitting on chair beside it. Man standing opposite the rider.

Things you can do yourself

Here's a list of basic checks you can take on to keep your Honda in top shape.


Chain and sprockets

Check the chain tension regularly according to your handbook, and make sure your sprockets don't have too much wear in them.

Clutch, brakes and brake fluid

Always check the free play in the clutch lever to make sure it's correct. Check the level on hydraulic clutches as you would the brake. Make sure your brake pads are not worn down to the limit, and remember to check the brake fluid. No fluid means no brakes!


This is just as important in the summer as it is in winter, so keep it topped up.


Loss of oil in the fork seals will result in poor suspension performance, so check for any leaks.


Test the horn button and check that all your lights are working, including indicators and stoplight. Make sure your headlight beam is positioned correctly too. It's easy to blind oncoming drivers, which can be very dangerous for both of you.


Regular changes work wonders for your bike and its longevity. Oil is your engine’s lifeblood.

Throttle check

Make sure the throttle opens and closes smoothly on all steering locations.


Cracks can appear during winter – even if you're not using your bike. Also, keep a look out for nails and bulges and make sure your tyres are always at the right pressure.