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Honda at Custom Shows
Honda at Custom Shows

South Garage's Honda CB1100
South Garage's Honda CB1100


Pure motorsport tradition in southern Germany

Up to the 1960s, two and four wheeled legends of motorsport were engaged in thrilling fights on the legendary Solitude race track around the Glemseck. The Glemseck 101 is a three day festival that seeks to preserve this tradition for a wide audience. It also serves as a meeting point for designers, engineers, developers and their motorcycles, for international personalities, racers and trendsetters.

Honda at Glemseck 101 2017


Connecting Motorcycling, Skateboarding and Surfing

Wheels & Waves is a motorcycle show based in Biarritz, France, that connects motorcycling, skateboarding and surf culture with its own distinct philosophy, music and style. 


Honda at Wheels and Waves 2017.


A motorcycle exhibition like no other

Celebrating the creative culture around the custom bike scene, Bike Shed features unique custom bikes surrounded by art, photography, live music, bars, barista coffee, whisky, cigars, lounge space and the best bike brands, plus a barbershop and tattooists at a beautiful and unique London dockside venue.


The Bike Shed Show.