• Front three-quarter facing Honda Fireblades in the MotoGP race.

    The racing gene

    It's in our blood

  • Side facing Honda Fireblade in the MotoGP race.

    The racing gene

    It improves the breed

  • Front facing Honda Fireblade in the MotoGP race.

    The racing gene

    We could not exist without it

Why we race

"If Honda does not race, there is no Honda” Soichiro Honda.

In 1958, our founder announced his desire to compete in motorcycle racing and he poured all his energy into it. His legacy lives on, and is at the heart of everything we do. It runs through the veins of every racer and team member, at every level and in every class. 

Close up of Soichiro Honda.
Close up of Marquez having just won the title race.
Front three-quarter facing Honda Fireblade in a WSBK race.
Close up of Honda EWC motorcycle on the race track.

MotoGP – Living on the edge

Front three-quarter facing Honda Fireblade in a MotoGP race.

Creating a connection with the RC213V.

Days and days of preparation are spent to go a fraction of a second faster; it can be the difference between taking the flag, or failure. Mind-numbing speed has to be balanced with new technologies to provide control, grip and handling at the height of the machine's performance. Then we put the the final and most important component of all on top of it – the rider. Welcome the world of MotoGP.

Two Honda MotoGP riders celebrating race victory.

WSBK – Racing around the world

Front three-quarter facing Honda WSBK motorcycle, during the race.

This is the big stage for our finest production bike: The CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2

From Phillip Island, Australia to the final round at Losail in Qatar, the Red Bull Honda team will face challenges to suit the different characteristics and surfaces at each track. It’s long hours of total concentration for the riders and the team as they constantly sharpen the 'Blade' to go to work in practice, qualifying and two races over the weekend.

Two Honda riders on the WSBK Honda Fireblades.

EWC – Our finest hours

Front three-quarter facing Honda Fireblade during an EWC race.

Full on, lap after lap, on the Honda CBR1000RR SP2 Fireblade.

The ultimate test of rider and machine has to be the Endurance World Championship. Competing in this class, reliability is just as important as performance and the Honda Fireblade has proved itself a worthy contender in this unforgiving event. The Honda team work tirelessly all day and through the night as riders push themselves and the CBR1000RR SP2 to the absolute limit.

Honda EWC riders celebrating a victory.

MXGP and MX2 – Mud, sweat and gears

Front facing Honda Off Road motorcycle with rider, skidding through mud.

The works rider and his Honda.

Every muscle tendon and sinew at the ready, he taps it into gear, clutch biting, he feels it through his fingers, the bike wants to go. The gate drops and it leaps forward carrying him to that all-important first corner. We call it ‘the holeshot’ and a race can be won or lost from this very moment. It’s physical, tough and there’s no room for the faint hearted in MXGP or MX2.

Honda MXGP rider after the race in a dust storm.

Rally – None but the brave

Rear three-quarter facing Honda CRF450 riding through sand dunes.

The most physically demanding motorcycle races in the world.

A sport where a rider’s will power is just as important as the power and performance of his motorcycle. The Honda Monster Energy Team are no strangers to the hard-school of Rally Racing, where riders – on their CRF450 motorcycles – have to tackle some of the most difficult and arduous terrains around the world. This race against the clock is perhaps the toughest challenge for rider and machine.

Honda Rally rider celebrating victory.