RCV: Spirit of Honda

Absolute MotoGP Machine for the Street

Close up of Honda MotoGP rider with helmet.
Close up of Honda MotoGP rider with helmet.
Honda MotoGP rider celebrating championship.
Honda MotoGP rider celebrating championship.

We remember the journeys that have taken the most. The ones that demanded we really dig deep. Where we've pulled something from the depths within – not just to get there, but to win.


The ever-evolving MotoGP trophy is a tribute to the World Championship victor – and every winner before them.

Close up of MotoGP trophy.

Ambition in every position

Talent can be nurtured. Drive and ambition can’t. The spirit that drives Honda to success isn’t just in our riders. You can feel it everywhere, from the boardroom to the pit.

The fall

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we’ve lost.

A broken collarbone when it mattered most. A broken leg, after three days of setting the pace in testing. The physical pain hurts ­– but it’s the mental pain that really eats at you.

MotoGP racer falling off the motorcycle.

The rise

What determines a true champion is rising from defeat.

Setbacks happen. But we face hardships, learn what’s needed and soar higher than we ever imagined. The past behind us, we focus on what’s in front. The only thing that matters is the rider, the bike, and the race ahead.

Honda MotoGP racer getting on the bike.

It all comes together

And then the wins come – again and again.

They never stop feeling special – and we never let success stop us looking for new ways to improve.

It’s why we’ve continually broken records, and won numerous rider and construction championships all over the world. And it explains why we’re still not satisfied.

Honda MotoGP racer crossing the finish line.

Inspired by MotoGP

Front three-quarter facing Honda motorcycle with rider.

Race winning technology for everyone.

Throughout our history, we’ve continually engineered new technology to ensure our superiority on the track. You’ll find it in our road bikes, too. Each one is defined by our spirit – and ridden by you.

Honda motorcycle MotoGP racer with helmet.

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