Honda CB1100EX three quarter right side
Honda CB1100EX three quarter right side


Honda CB1100EX

A modern classic

Honda CB1100EX with rider
Honda CB1100EX with rider


Authentic lines

The dream lives on

Makes the good times roll, again and again.

The Honda CB1100EX is a modern, air-cooled, four-cylinder machine with a crisp exhaust note. Attractive details, like the slim brushed aluminium side panels and spoked wheels, the look is straight out of the 1970’s. With a revamped engine, slipper clutch, Showa forks and shocks – showing lots of lovely chrome ­– it not only looks like a dream, it handles like one too.

Close up shot of Honda CB1100EX lights.
Close up shot of Honda CB1100EX side panel.
Rear three-quarter shot of Honda CB1100EX and rider.
Close up shot of Honda CB1100EX engine.

Roadster or café racer

What’s your style: pure classic or a raw custom?

Side shot of Honda CB1100EX. CB1100EX Featuring exquisitely detailed stainless steel spoked rims, the CB1100EX comes with: 41mm Showa Dual Bending Valve front fork and adjustable preload, rear chrome shocks, a revised inlet and exhaust system and an assist slipper clutch.
Side shot of Honda CB1100 RS. CB1100 RS The look of an early superbike, the CB1100RS comes with: 43mm Showa Dual Bending Valve, two-piece front fork, remote reservoir rear shocks and a sharper chassis geometry. Sports 17-inch cast aluminium wheels wear dual radial-mount, four-piston caliper brakes and floating discs. The engine has an assist slipper clutch and a revised inlet and exhaust system.

View the CB1100 RS

A smooth ride

New front and rear suspension units by Showa.

Close up of CB1100EX front suspension.

Lighter than a conventional cartridge, this arrangement provides linear damping, according to speed, for a compliant and supple feel.

Front fork

The CB1100EX has a redesigned, custom-style 41mm Dual Bending Valve type fork that provides excellent control. Incorporating a free valve structure that progressively increases the amount of damping according to the road conditions. This simple, innovative technology – a world first –delivers superior performance levels that are equivalent to cartridge type suspension units.

Rear Shocks

Twin Showa rear shocks, with lots of lovely chrome, offer adjustable spring preload and operate in unison with a strong, steel swingarm. This combination delivers good stability and excellent rear-wheel-feel and handling – even with a passenger on board. 

Close up shot of CB1100EX rear suspension.

A time honoured

The past can catch up with anyone.

Honda CB1100EX, three quarter rear right side.

Compared to the famous CB750 Four, you can see how close the design and build of the CB100EX is when it comes to classic styling.

In the beginning

In 1969 the sound of an inline, air-cooled four-cylinder engine proclaimed the arrival of a new superbike era; enter the Honda CB750 Four.

It was an influential moment in time that changed our perception of motorcycles and the way we rode them. The CB1100EX is a direct descendant – a genuine, modern classic and, just like the CB750, it’s here to stay.

The original look

Aluminium engine covers contrast the overall black finish and the chromed-cam end caps, mounted on the bright silver cylinder head, complete the look. Four down pipes are double skinned to prevent heat discolouration and feed two mufflers, which are positioned for better ground clearance.

Shot of Honda CB1100 EX engine.

The bright chrome exhaust pipes are reminiscent of an early, air-cooled inline four-cylinder motorcycle.

 Honda CB1100EX, three quarter rear right side with rider.

The LED rear light, indicators and number plate mounting bracket has been redesigned for a streamlined look, without neglecting the lines of a bygone, but not forgotten, era.