Honda Adventure Roads Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Registration of Honda Adventure Roads 2024.

The destination for Honda Adventure Roads 2024 shall be Morocco, Join us and 30 riders for an exhilarating 10-day expedition, continuing our legacy of pushing riders to their limit. Riders will start on the coast of Agadir and make their way towards Nador. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the white golden desert sands, immersing riders in Moroccan culture. Ignite your sense of exploration and join us as we embark on the Africa Twin to conquer this new formidable challenge.  

  • The full cost of the event shall be €6,000 (six-thousand Euros), inclusive of VAT/sales tax.  Places on Honda Adventure Roads Morocco 2024 are strictly limited and subject to a selection process, which includes an interview. Riders will be selected at the discretion of the Event organisers and reasons for non-selection will not be given.
  • If selected to take part in the Event, participants shall be informed using the email address provided in the registration process and be required to pay 10% deposit within 7 days of receipt of such email.  The balance will need to be paid no later than 31st January 2024. Failure to make these payments in time shall result in the participant’s place being offered to another applicant. 
  • You will be riding a Honda Africa Twin for the duration of the Event in Morocco, that shall be provided by the Event organisers. Whilst this is a luxury experience, it will require candidate to be in good physical strength each day to reach the necessary checkpoints.
  • Event organisers are looking for a range of backgrounds from riders, but participants would be expected to typically have 5-10 years of off-road motorcycling experience. Whilst applicants general motorcycling experience will be taken into account, off road experience is more desirable to event organisers.  
  • For selection purposes and to provide support during the event, the organisers shall collect personal data, some of which may be sensitive personal data. (These shall include passport number, blood type, allergies, medical conditions, medical treatment, driving licence number, date of birth). Your registration to take part in Honda Adventure Roads Morocco 2024 is subject to Honda’s data processing terms. [Provide links to Honda’s data privacy notice from these registration terms.] and the Honda Adventure Roads Supplemental Data Privacy Notice. Please see the supplemental data privacy notice below.
  • The event will be physically and mentally demanding. The organisers may require confirmation that you are in good health physically and mentally before being allowed to participate in the event. This includes any condition that may affect your ability to control a motorcycle in challenging, off-road terrain. The organisers do not need to disclose why a participant has not passed the registration phase. 
  • Participants in Honda Adventure Roads Morocco 2024 shall not be accompanied by a guide. Whilst there will be checkpoints and guide riders/support vehicles to assist riders in the event of an incident, Riders will be self-guided with the assistance of a Tripy II guidance system. Riders will be provided with route information; technical and medical support shall be available. 

Participation in the Event shall be subject to full Terms and Conditions which shall be provided to applicants following the interview process and selection, and prior to the applicant’s payment of the deposit to confirm their participation. 

These terms governing registration for the Honda Adventure Roads Morocco 2024 event are subject to the laws of England and Wales. The English and Welsh courts shall be the courts of jurisdiction. 

Honda Adventure Roads Supplemental Data Privacy Notice

Applicants wishing to take part in Honda Adventure Roads 2024 (the “Event”) shall be required to provide personal data, some of which may be sensitive personal data. By submitting such data applicants give their express consent for its processing in accordance with this data privacy notice. 

Honda Motor Europe Ltd. (“Honda”) will be the data controller. The lead processor of your data shall be Ride and Drive s.a.r.l. (“Ride and Drive”) who are the event company organising the event.  

Honda Data Privacy Notice

The following data processors may also receive the personal data you submit during your application to take part in the Event:

For Honda: Airlines, Hotels, Accommodation providers, guide riders, medical assistance services, providers of health insurance, transport providers and local suppliers.

For Ride and Drive: Fresh Desk, Scandola and Infomainak   

Fresh Desk – This is the software our Ride and Drive will use to recruit participants. FreshDesk will only store the Full name, email address and telephone number of those who are successful in the initial registration process. 

Scandola – This is the website agency Ride and Drive will use to assist them in the recruitment process and to provide CRM marketing services to those who opt into Honda Adventure roads marketing. Scandola will not have access to any sensitive or personal data.

Infomaniak – This is the secure server storage Ride and Drive will use to store the main database housing both personal and sensitive personal data. This is for secure storage only.

Sensitive data will be accessible only by health care and medical assistance during the duration of the trip. 

If you are not selected to participate in Honda Adventure Roads Morocco 2024 and have not expressed an interest in receiving marketing information, the personal data you submit as part of your application shall be deleted 10 years from the commencement of the HAR 2024 event.  If you are selected to take part in Honda Adventure Roads Morocco 2024 the personal data you provide in connection with that event shall be retained by Ride and Drive for 10 years after the Event to comply with contractual, health and safety, insurance, and data compliance obligations.

Data processing contacts 

Please contact the following if you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data: