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Items related to the power unit

Close up of RC213V-S

ECU - Installing the ECU brings out more power performance which is required for circuit riding. Installing the Sports Kit will cause a change in the normal and inverse shift patterns; setting of the operation load of the load-cell type Quick Shifter; a change in the number of sprocket teeth; a change in the outer diameter of a tire, and Start mode control. In stopped state, simultaneously pushing both the Start switch and the Select switch activates Start mode control, limiting engine rpm to the level set in advance (6,000-12,000 r/min). The rider can then twist the throttle grip to full throttle and focus on clutch operations for the start of a race.

Front ram duct - With the RC213V, airflows are brought in from the upper cowl section with the highest pressure and supplied to the engine for enhancing acceleration performance and increasing maximum speed, providing high ram pressure effects. With the RC213V-S, after removal of the headlight and connecting the front ram duct to the upper cowl results in ram pressure effects similar to those of the RC213V.

Muffler - The muffler on the RC213V-S has the same arrangement as the RC213V, with no catalyzer or variable exhaust valve installed. Made of titanium and lighter by about 4.8 kg than the standard muffler of the RC213V-S.

AI joint cover set - When exhaust air injection piping is removed for circuit riding, the AI joint cover set is installed in place of the removed piping. This set comprises of a plate and gasket for preventing exhaust gas leakage, and a tube with a plug for filling the hose joint of the air cleaner cover.

Spark plug - The spark plugs included in the sports kit have optimum ignition characteristics and heat range, in line with fuel injection and ignition mapping to achieve high rpm and output with installation of the Sports Kit.

RC213V-S on the race track

Quick Shifter and Gearing

RC213V-S side view

Load-cell type Quick Shifter - The shift input detection unit of the Quick Shifter is changed from the switch type for public road riding specifications to the load-cell (load sensor) type, which is the same as on the RC213V.

This makes it possible to detect the direction of the force applied to the shift rod when operating the gear shifter, so accommodating both the normal and inverse shift patterns becomes possible. Because detection of the magnitude of the force is also possible, the shift operation load becomes adjustable to 5 levels (with 2 higher and lower levels from the standard position).

Inverse gear-shifting pattern drum - Gear shifting in the same pattern as the RC213V is possible. Many racing vehicles have an inverse gear-shifting pattern compared to ordinary vehicles for public road riding.

Rather than lifting the pedal for shifting up at a corner exit, stepping on the pedal instead reduces the loss of time in shifting operations. This shifting pattern is common in racing. The RC213V-S has adopted the same system of changing the shift drum as the RC213V.

Data logger set - Vehicle speed, engine rpm, grip opening, and other data is recorded in real time while riding and are combined with GPS coordinate data, which enables detailed tracking of how the rider performed during the session.

The data is recorded on a supplied USB memory stick, further analysis can be performed once connected to a computer with a dedicated analysis software program installed.

Information is displayed according to Honda’s unique design for the analysis screen, enabling analysis of riding data with simple operations.

Rear link connecting rod - On the RC213V-s has the same structure as the RC213V. It has both functions to change the total length of the connecting rod with the adjustment bolts, and for adjusting vehicle height. It is possible to adjust vehicle height by about 30 mm based on tire outer diameter and the rider’s preference.

Front brake pads - Brake pads on the RC213V-S have high μ values and use an exclusive friction material for racing. Made by Brembo S.p.A.

Remote control unit for the front brake lever - It is possible to adjust as necessary any change in play of the lever while riding on a circuit. Made by Brembo S.p.A.

Thermostat - Compared to 82 ̊C in the specifications for public road riding, the valve cracking temperature is set at a lower temperature of 62 ̊C.

Sprocket set - In response to the substantial increase in engine speed when riding on a circuit, the 15, 16, and 17t drive sprockets have been coupled with 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45t driven sprockets, making it possible to set the ratio according to the speed range in each circuit and the rider’s preference.

Close up side view of RC213V-S front wheel with Mark Marquez

Further Enhancemen-ts

Close up view of RC213V-S racing

Clutch guard made of CFRP - Open type made of CFRP just like the RC213V, which achieves weight reduction and ensures the clutch cooling performance needed when riding on a circuit.

Front cowl undercover - The sports kit front cowl has no holes for either horns or handlebar locks, because it is installed after the removal of horns and handlebar.

Seat back rubber - The RC213V has seat back rubber to accommodate the rider for the style and complexity of the riding they will perform. The RC213V-S's sports kit contains a seat back rubber mount to enable riders of this machine to cope with riding similar to the RC213V.

Lower cowl drain cap - Due to racing regulations, it is necessary for the RC213V to plug the lower cowl drain hole when riding in sunny weather. This has been inherited by the RC213V-S.

Wiring kit - Set comprising the watertight caps for protecting connectors that become necessary after removal of the safety-related and electrical parts when riding on a circuit.

Front and rear maintenance stands - Maintenance stands made of stainless steel for holding and storing the vehicle in upright position. Designed exclusively for the RCV213V-S.

Vehicle cover - Custom-made vehicle cover to prevent dust and other contaminents affecting the machine. Use of elastic material ensures enhanced protection of the bike. The cover also has the RC213V-S logo on the side.

Close up view of RC213V-S front wheel

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