VFR800X with rider on mountain road, facing right side
VFR800X with rider on mountain road, facing right side


VFR800X Crossrunner

Find your escape

Break free

Leave the gridlock behind and head for the twisties with the all-new VFR800X Crossrunner.


Athletic, adventure styling meets thrilling V4 performance to make an all-rounder with attitude.



Break free from the city.

The new VFR800X Crossrunner sets you free. Sharing a chassis with the VFR800F, it wields pumped-up adventure-sport styling with a boosted V4-VTEC engine and taut long-travel suspension. It’s practical too, with full LED lighting front and rear, 5-stage heated grips and adjustable seat height. The Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) offers extra assurance in demanding riding conditions.


VFR800X parked in countryside landscape next to rider on foot


Built to deal with whatever the road ahead has to offer, the VFR800X Crossrunner’s muscular and minimal adventure-sport style puts the hardware on display, showing off the V4-VTEC engine and aluminium twin-beam frame. Increased suspension travel – front and rear – smoothes rough tarmac, while the upright riding position and wide handlebars deliver razor-sharp steering response and agile handling from city block to mountain pass. It’s made to handle long distances too, with a seat height that adjusts to either 815mm or 835mm for optimal comfort. 



VFR800X parked on mountain road, facing right side

Smooth control

We’ve spent years developing technology that makes your ride effortlessly enthralling. And we believe a greater awareness of the road should come with greater control.

VFR800X, ¾ front left side

LED Lights

The VFR800X Crossrunner’s distinctive x-shape headlight uses a bright ‘white light’ LED for improved visibility and beam penetration. This unique design is combined with the led taillight to reduce electrical drain on the engine.

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)

The Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system carefully monitors rear wheel traction, using smooth engine management to ensure that the tyre maintains grip in slippery conditions. Controlled from the handlebar, it features three modes selection, which appear within the LCD instrumentation.


VFR800X, zoom on rear wheel

All round performance

The V4-VTEC engine produces more torque and power, with a characterful feel and unique, thrilling howl through its 4-2-1-1 exhaust as revs rise.

Housing it is a chassis honed in the VFR800F; including the 43mm Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) telescopic fork, featuring 131mm axle travel and stepless spring preload adjustment. This combines with the gas charged rear-shock to create a ferocious do-it-all adventure-sport tool that welds all-round practicality to focused performance. 


VFR800X parked on mountain road, facing right side