VFR1200X Crosstourer

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VFR1200X being ridden down a steep gradient on the road
VFR1200X being ridden down a steep gradient on the road
VFR1200X on road
VFR1200X on road

Experience enhanced practicality with an easily adjustable windscreen, 12V socket and DCT mode with three levels of S Mode. A new special edition colour and Euro 4 compatibility compliments a machine that gives the rider a true sense of challenge and the facility to explore.


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Weave through city traffic, on to the motorway, then out to the unknown.

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Be Challenged

There are always new places to explore, new challenges to face.

The VFR1200X is home to a 1,237cc V4 engine, advanced chassis and electronic package which features a combined ABS Traction Control System (TCS) and the option of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) gear box for consistent, seamless gear changes.

VFR1200x being ridden around a corner

Riding Specs

Honda’s Unicam technology contributes to the 1,237cc, 16-valve engine. This SOHC configuration helps to reduce the weight and size of the cylinder heads and optimises combustion chamber shape.

VFR1200x being ridden around a bend

Specially designed to provide practical functionality and smoothness of ride, VFR1200X’s vibration is virtually eliminated by a 76 degree angle between the two banks of cylinders and a crank shaft with 28 degree phasing between the crankpins.

The PGM-FI fuel injection system employs 44mm throttle bones and fly-by-live technology for concise throttle control.

VFR1200x front view being ridden down a road

Choose your Look

Style your ride with three striking colours to compliment your diamond aluminium frame. Digital Silver Metallic and Pearl Cosmic Black offer a smooth, sleek feel, or choose the Special Edition Two-Tone Red for a striking style. Make those challenges achievable with the VFR1200X.

VFR1200x being ridden around a mountain bend
side on view of VFR1200x

Our range of adventure motorcycles sets you on the path to freedom. Only the brave and bold need apply.

Built by Dakar-Paris rally champions, our range of versatile and durable adventure bikes is solely designed to push you further and faster towards the horizon. So whether you're a new starter or hardened pro, there's a Honda motorcycle for you.

VFR1200x being ridden down a road