Tailored Service Plans

Tailored Service Plans


Tailored to suit just how you use your bike

Tailored to suit just how you use your bike, your annual mileage, and your budget

Let's face it when you jump on your motorbike, the last thing you want to think about is the cost of maintaining it. We can create a Tailored Service Plan based on the standard level of servicing you require, taking into account your annual mileage, riding style and budget.

If you want, we can even add in additional services such as a full bike valet and software update.

What's more, we offer flexible payment options to help you spread the cost.

Servicing costs are based on our standard annual service and prices depend on the size of your engine.

BAND 1: up to 350cc
BAND 2: 351cc - 800cc
BAND 3: 801cc and over

What are the costs?

Each band will start with a standard price, and any additional parts and service items can be requested or added depending on your driving habits and mileage.



up to 350cc



351cc - 800cc



801cc and over


What are the benefits?

What's included in your service?

Your annual service, as outlined in your owners handbook, consists of the following safety checks and replacement parts:


Safety Check

Ensure all fluids (clutch, brake, coolant) are at correct levels, brakes pads are not worn, lights, throttle, forks, chain, and sprocket are all working correctly.

Oil Change

Oil change to protect your Honda for longer.

Filter Change

Change the oil filter at the same time as chaning the oil.

Tyres Inspection

Check for wear, cracks, punctures, bulges, and correct pressures for front and rear.

Steering Inspection

Check for any excessive movement between components and ensure there is no fowling throughout the entire range of steering.

Health check

A visual inspection of: • Front Lights • Rear Lights • Horn • Exhaust • Oil Level • Coolant Level • Brake Fluid • Clutch Fluid • Transmission Fluid • Final Drive Oil • Front Wheel Bearings • Rear Wheel Bearings • Front Tyres • Rear Tyres • Front Brakes & Pads • Rear Brakes & Pads • Front Forks • Chains and Sprockets

Road Test

Honda recommends that your dealer should road test your vehicle after each periodic maintenance is carried out.
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For more information and to tailor your own Service Plan, contact your local Honda dealer.


*Terms and Conditions: ‘Honda Tailored Service Plan’, includes the servicing of the Motorcycle in accordance with the Schedule of Work, as agreed with the Dealer. Plan Price - means the total cost to the Customer as set out in the section headed “Product Details” on the Application Form. **An additional non-returnable administration fee of £19.00 (including VAT) will apply to the Plan Price. ‘Honda Tailored Service Plan’ servicing is subject to our full terms and conditions:

TAILORED SERVICE PLAN Full Terms and Conditions