Honda GL1800 Goldwing

Effortless performance

Front three-quarter facing Honda Gold Wing, mountain location. Rear three-quarter facing Honda Gold Wing, desert location.
Front three-quarter facing Honda Gold Wing, mountain location. Rear three-quarter facing Honda Gold Wing, desert location.

Why glide when you can fly?

Front three-quarter facing Honda Gold Wing on an open road.
Front three-quarter facing Honda Gold Wing on an open road.

Honda Gold Wing product logo.

The one, the only.

Distinctive performance with an individual character all of its own, there is nothing like the Honda Gold Wing.

Strength and stability

An innovative chassis that delivers agile handling.

Side facing Honda Gold Wing.

Peel back the body panels of the GL1800 Gold Wing and you’ll find it’s packed with innovative technology that takes touring and cruising to a higher level.

A light, all-aluminium die-cast beam frame provides confidence-inspiring stability with geometry that delivers agile handling. Up front, the double wishbone suspension system is responsible for supple bump absorption and sharp steering accuracy.

All-round comfort

The rear suspension is a Pro-Arm type and works with the unique Pro-Link arrangement to provide high-level luxury; rear spring preload is electrically adjustable to suit passenger and luggage, with four different settings. For enhanced rider and pillion comfort, the Gold Wing Tour features revised damping settings front and rear to give a plush, yet extremely controlled ride.

Close up of Honda Gold Wing TFT Screen.

Front and rear damping level can be tailored to suit the riding mode selected on the TFT screen.

Close up of Honda Gold Wing Dual-Combined Braking System.

The Dual-Combined Braking System distributes the braking forces evenly to the front and rear wheels for confident braking in all conditions.

The power of six

The addictive nature of the Gold Wing’s performance.

The horizontally-opposed, 1,833cc six-cylinder engine punches out an arm-tugging 170Nm of torque @ 5,500rpm – it's the heart of the Honda Gold Wing. With 4 valves per cylinder and Unicam heads you get a strong, eager performance – via Throttle By Wire – out on the highway, and newly-refined FI settings give delicate slow-speed throttle response where you need it most, around town.

The drive

Third generation, 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission is specifically designed for the Lord of long-distance cruising.

Optimised for silky low-speed response, DCT offers extremely slick and fast gear changes. It also eliminates shift shock and has three modes of operation: MT mode provides you with full control and allows you to change gear manually using the trigger buttons on the handlebar. Automatic D mode is perfect for city and highway rides and delivers much better fuel efficiency. Automatic S mode is sportier and allows the engine to rev higher before shifting up for a more exhilarating ride. It will also shift down sooner for better engine braking.

An intelligent transmission

DCT in D mode works with you and can detect what environment you are riding in; adjusting accordingly between mountain roads and city streets. In addition, the Gold Wing comes with Idling Stop too – engine will stop after 3 seconds, restarting at the touch of the throttle – for improved fuel efficiency. And with Hill Start Assist, there’s no fear of rolling backwards or forwards on an incline – clever.

Front facing Honda Gold Wing on the open road.
Close up of Honda Gold Wing TFT screen.

Everything you need to keep in touch is within easy reach on the 7-inch, TFT screen. Using Voice Control and Bluetooth® connectivity, you can access information and playlists on your mobile too.

Another innovative feature is the moderation of gear ratios. They’re closer together for slow speed and seamless changes, yet will set themselves wider apart at high speed to reduce engine revs – very clever.

Start up and power up

We’ve created a unique Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) that works as a starter motor, as well as a generator; saving weight and energy. The Gold Wing can crawl in walking mode forwards and backwards, too, which is ideal for parking.

Rear facing Honda Gold Wing, countryside location.

Our unique Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is available on all Gold Wing variants.