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fluid motion

Life is about moments.

Those great vistas that reveal themselves as you come out of a long bend, that twisty road that never seems to end. With the new VFR800F’s lighter body, more low to mid-range power and torque, refined V4 engine and sleek, aerodynamic styling, all these moments become easier to reach than ever before.


The VFR800F’s distinctive bodywork elegantly mixes sharp angles with soft curves to create a sport tourer silhouette like no other. It pays respect to VFR history with details like the evocative air-intake ducts on the fairing flanks.

The ergonomics have been carefully thought out; the middle of the bike is slim – for good ground reach – with plenty of room on the broad seat to find the perfect position. The sleekly designed fairing provides a dynamic, sporty figure while the front indicators are neatly integrated into the wing mirrors.

Honda-VFR800F-Tourer-Location-Victory Red-Dynamic

Hard working technology

That make the ride effortless.

To maximise comfort, the VFR800F’s seat height can be adjusted to either 789mm or 809mm. Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS) maintains consistent rear wheel drive and grip.

The VFR800F is 10kg lighter than the previous model. The aluminium twin-spar frame has been honed and matched to a new Pro-arm swingarm with Pro-Link rear suspension, balanced at the front with two-piece 43mm telescopic forks.

Black Honda SH Mode scooter front-threequarter view with rider. Right-facing (Road location).
Close-up of engine.

Live your dream

Hunting down the moments you live for requires confidence as well as power. So the new VFR800F’s instinctive handling and effortless steering puts you in total control of its 782cc liquid-cooled, fuel injected DOHC 16-valve 90° V4-VTEC engine. Not only does the engine deliver fluid and responsive drive from the slightest throttle input, it also delivers real low-down torque (75.1Nm) combined with an addictive rush of high-rpm power (77.9kW). Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control provides a seamless transition with mid-range roll-on acceleration - the kind that matters, every day.

Side on view of parked pink SH Mode, with female rider standing behind.

Make a statement, make it yours

Tailor your dreams

The VFR800F’s Sport Pack* is designed to offer optimum sport touring excitement. Styling and practicality are ensured with the seat cowl and tank pad whilst the shift assist places seamless shifting even closer.

* The Sport Pack is optional.

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Integra, Scooter, Accessory front 3/4, Top Box, Motorcycle
Integra, Scooter, Accessory front 3/4, Panniers

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