Honda SH125i

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Perfect Combinations

Comfort, convenience and economy, together with strong performance to move you swiftly through the city streets. The SH125i is ready to go.

Style in motion

It’s the sleek look that makes one of Europe’s most popular scooters a real eye-catcher.

The sinuous, flowing shape of the SH125i make it just as exciting to look at as it is to ride. Its natural riding position and excellent weather protection make it ready for anything the city, or the elements, can throw at it.

A proven formula

This big wheel scooter bundles fun, premium comfort, greater control, the latest engine technology and fuel efficiency, neatly together for a more enjoyable trip.

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An agile performer

It quietly takes you through the rev range with a simple twist of the wrist.

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The windscreen and top-box accessories provide even more protection and carrying capacity.

Fast and efficient

The engine, with PGM-FI ignition, develops smooth low to mid-range power and generous torque for that initial zoom you often need in town. It has a first-rate reputation for fuel efficiency – further enhanced by its EURO4 status and low-friction technologies – making it one of the most cost-effective scooters around.

Easy to handle

The chassis is an extremely durable, underbone type, made from high-tensile steel tubing. The 33mm front fork and rear shocks, with 5-step preload adjustment, provide a premium feel for the rider – even when you’re riding two-up.

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Handgrips and footrests are positioned to provide a relaxed and comfortable riding position for a passenger.

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Activated by a switch on the right handlebar, Idling Stop it will automatically cut the engine after three seconds at idle; instantly re-starting it the moment you twist the throttle to go.