Honda CRF450RX being ridden on an off road track.


The new CRF450RX has a boosted low rpm torque output and HRC factory rider-specification chassis. And it’s cross-country ready with enduro-specific equipment – larger fuel tank, 18-inch rear wheel and sidestand – as well as unique engine mapping and suspension set-up. It’s our ultimate off-road tool – and ready for anything.

Honda CRF450RX being ridden over rocks.


Reach for it. You know you can. It’s why you ride the CRF450RX. The engine? Amazing. So strong, everywhere. But with smooth delivery that doesn’t wear you out. The chassis? Delivers the feedback for grip and handling control you need while absorbing the big – and small – hits. And it’s ready to do it all day. As are you. Because you ride the CRF450RX. Together you are unstoppable.

Honda CRF450RX on an off road trail.

Ride Faster With Less Effort For Longer

HRC has made the 449.7cc Unicam engine even more potent – and usable. Narrower intake ports, a longer air funnel and smaller, 44mm diameter throttle body deliver higher-velocity gas flow to create the extra low-down torque. New valve timing (taken straight from Tim Gajser’s #243 MX machine) and ECU settings for the injection and ignition ensure smooth power and precise response.

Honda CRF450RX on an off road trail.

Delivers the Handling Ability You Need

The lightweight aluminium frame features a new, factory-rider led rigidity balance – from new steel engine hangers plus 2mm thicker front frame joints and upper shock mount – to produce a stable chassis that finds amazing front-end grip, yet steers razor-fast. Suspension updates include a higher, 56N/mm spring rate for the Showa shock with increased damping. The 49mm USD forks also have new damping settings to match.

Honda CRF450RX on an off road trail.

Our Ultimate Off-Road Weapon

New graphics mark HRC’s major input and minimal bodywork allows maximum freedom of movement and easy removal – just what you need for easy maintenance. The 8L plastic fuel tank offers more riding time and there’s a forged aluminium sidestand tucked neatly away. Renthal Fatbars offer comfort and four-way adjustment (for your perfect riding position) and are fitted with knuckle guards to protect hands and levers. 

Honda CRF450RX on an off road trail.

It’s All About Driving Forward

Collectively, the electronics package is designed to put absolute control in the riders throttle hand. HSTC keeps the rear wheel driving with 3 adjustment levels to deal with anything from tight corners to slippery mud (you can turn it off, too). The EMSB alters power and torque, from all-round to smooth, to all-out aggressive. And HRC Launch Control hits at 8,250, 8,500 and 9,500rpm for the perfect jump from the line.