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Honda CRF450R

Absolute holeshot

Fighting torque


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Ground breaker

Nothing has been overlooked. This superbly balanced off-road machine has been totally upgraded with features designed specifically to give you more of a competitive edge, keeping you well ahead of the pack.

Battle proven

Revamped to increase control and handling for the expert rider.

With a completely new engine and chassis, developed straight from AMA and European MX1 teams, the power to weight ratio has been improved for even better handling. The EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) gives you three adjustable modes so you can tune the engine’s output to suit the ride and the track. When the gate drops you’ll feel completely on top of the bike at all times as the CRF450R delivers high levels of feedback, stability and traction.

Close up shot of wheel in mud
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Rear view of bike off road
Close up shot of chassis

Motocross or enduro

Choose your weapon.

Side shot of CRF450R CRF450R A completely redesigned MX1 class machine, with three rider modes for expert motocross riders. Comes with Digital CDI ignition, kick start and electric start.
Side shot of CRF450RX CRF450RX Ready to race, it has all the tough characteristics of the CRF450R motocross machine. With three rider modes especially programmed for Enduro – and larger fuel capacity for long distance – the CRF450RX will give you an advantage right from the word go.

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Built to win

A race can be won or lost from the moment you crack open the throttle.

Side shot of bike on stand

The CRF450R looks the part even when it’s standing in the paddock. Every every piece of it – from the most advanced electronics right down to the last nut and bolt – is primed and ready for action.

Hard and fast

Innovative changes to the Unicam cylinder head include narrowing the valve angle and increasing valve-lift. Intake and exhaust passageways have been modified to improve flow and together with a 13.5 compression ratio, this power unit develops an 11% increase in peak power. Just what you need to get you out front, into the first corner.

The power of three

You can switch between three engine modes for different track and race conditions. Mode 1 uses the standard combination of ignition and fuelling maps to provide balanced power and torque delivery. Mode 2 is mellow in nature, giving easy-to-manage throttle feel, while Mode 3 hits sharply, with aggressive and responsive power.

Side shot of rider and bike in the air
Close up shot of engine

Modes two and three can be further adjusted using the existing HRC, hardware and software setting tool. You can fine-tune this engine for gain everywhere and to suit different tracks and conditions.