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Honda CRF250R

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Honda CRF250R product logo.

The red bullet

An insanely fast, MX2 class machine that’s been totally re-engineered with added top-end power to keep you well ahead of the pack; it’s intelligently made and superbly balanced.

Absolute holeshot

Turn one is the main objective, get there first and a race can be won.

With a completely new engine and chassis, developed straight from HRC’s CRF450R and MX factory teams, the CRF250R will make you feel like a works rider. The power-to-weight ratio has been improved for even better handling, stability and traction. Performance can be personalised by using the three adjustable maps – EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) – to tune the engine’s output to suit you, the ride and the track. This bike is built to pull out an advantage everywhere.

Close up of Honda CRF250R subframe and air filter housing.
Honda CRF250R front wheel and disc brake.
Close up of Honda CRF250R tank and radiator shrouds.
Close up of Honda CRF250R engine and aluminium frame.

Undiluted energy

At its core is a new hard-charging, high-revving engine.

The big change is a DOHC cylinder head that sits on the top of an over-square bore block. This combination allows larger inlet and outlet valve passageways – and more lift – for increased gas flow. Compression ratio is up to 13.9:1. This power unit develops storming top-end power without losing any ground-grabbing torque, just what you need to get you out of the gate, fast.

Adjustable modes

You can tune the bike to suit your individual ability: Mode 1 uses the standard combination of ignition and fuelling maps to provide balanced power and torque delivery. Mode 2 is mellow in nature, giving easy-to-manage throttle feel, while Mode 3 hits sharply, with aggressive and responsive power. 

Rear facing profile of Honda CRF250R.

Slim, light and powerful, here’s a view most of your rivals will see.

Cut out of Honda CRF250R engine.

With this new, compact, powerful high-revving engine, you’ve got a better chance of being number one on a CRF250R.

The drive

The clutch lever housing is simplified and lighter, and on the inside is a revised clutch basket to take hard use from the high-revving engine. A 5-speed – close ratios for first and second for lightning acceleration – gearbox is constructed from new, high-strength materials and is 200g lighter than the previous CRF250R.


Close up of Honda CRF250R clutch lever and drive mode select buttons.

Ride modes can be changed easily by simply pushing a button on the left handlebar.

Forged from heat, after heat

A tough, light frame, perfected over years of hard competition.

Rear three-quarter facing Honda CRF250R.

Seat height is a taller at 957mm along with more ground clearance at 327mm.

Suspension and handling has been honed too: a fully adjustable Showa rear shock is mounted low and on the centre-line of the machine for optimal mass centralisation. Up front the new steel-coil-sprung 49mm Showa USD fork has a smooth progressive action and is fully adjustable; it’s a combination that provides ‘factory like’ race-spec suspension.

Maximum traction

The CRF250R uses the seventh generation CRF aluminium beam frame ­– the same as the CRF450R – to improve turning performance, front-end stability and traction. The main spars are tapered to achieve that fine balance between rigidity and flexibility. Combined with a longer swingarm, it also aids ‘hook-up’ for greater rear wheel drive and high levels of rider feedback. 

Close up of Honda CRF250R rear subframe.

The rear subframe is made from extruded aluminium and is 20% lighter than the before, contributing to mass centralisation.

Close up of Honda CRF250R rear suspension.

The suspension components of the CRF250R can be fully adjusted to suit rider’s weight and style to improve handling over all track conditions.