2021 Motorcycles
2021 Motorcycles

New 2021 Motorcycles

Discover the latest range of Honda bikes.

High performance means high specification.

A true, sporting middleweight, the CBR650R has the specification to match its single-minded intent. Styled by speed, aggressive, dual LED headlights feature new reflectors, for an even more piercing stare, and lead the bike’s uncompromising angles. As a premium upgrade, the 41mm Showa SFF-BP USD forks, offer precise suspension control and superlative feedback. The LCD instrument cluster is even easier to read and there’s now a USB Type-C socket under the seat.

Discover the new CBR650R

Minimum fuss, maximum motorcycle.

A compact, powerful stance channels the hard-edged minimalism of Neo Sports Café. It blends curved lines with taut angles and, now, is even more dynamic with newly-chiselled side panels and sleek rear number plate mount. There’s also a USB Type-C socket under the seat. And the handling’s even sharper, with superb suspension performance from premium quality 41mm Showa SFF-BP USD forks.

Discover the new CB650R


Start something special.

This motorcycle could be your start to a lifetime’s adventure on two wheels. The CB125F is redesigned from the wheels up around a super-efficient eSP engine and fine-handling chassis – it’s much lighter, much more economical and still packs the same great around-town performance. There’s a world out there to ride. So where next?

CB125F, 3-quarter front right side, with rider