Honda X-ADV

Every road is your road

Explore new horizons


Honda X-ADV logo.

The spirit of adventure

With a desire to cut loose and enjoy new experiences, this motorcycle really captures the essence of freedom in an exciting new form.

Goodbye tarmac, hello adventure

A crossover styled machine, with strong off-road ability.

To make people sit up and take notice you have to do something entirely different, and the Honda X-ADV does just that. Conceived and developed by Honda’s R&D team in Italy, it brings a new look to our adventure line-up. There’s no mistaking the X-ADV anywhere. It stands out from the crowd with a blend of sophistication and ruggedness that runs from front to rear – it’s in a class of its own.

Close up of Honda X-ADV head lights.
Close up of Honda X-ADV front wheel.
Front three-quarter facing Honda X-ADV action shot.
Close up of Honda X-ADV rally-style instrument display.


A motorcycle that thinks it’s an SUV and looks well beyond the city limits.

The X-ADV’s agility makes light work of the everyday ride through town traffic; but come the weekend, you can set your sights much further afield.

Take a closer look at this crossover

Off-road attitude mixed with super convenient features for the everyday ride.

Take a closer look at this crossover

Off-road attitude mixed with super convenient features for the everyday ride.

Cross bred

Technology and design coexist perfectly to deliver strong all-round performance.

Side facing Honda X-ADV on location.

You can experience some real off-road thills riding the X-ADV. Even on the loose stuff you’ll feel a great response, with superb control, by using Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and the G-switch.

The X-ADV is built round a 745cc twin-cylinder engine that has plenty of getaway torque in town, and drive to take you up a steep off-road track. Combined with a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) – similar to the Africa Twin – you get seamless gear changes over all kinds of terrain. Dirt track or tarmac, the choice is yours.

Make tracks

When the call for adventure comes through loud and clear, the X-ADV is happy to oblige, just hit the G switch then hit the trail.

Side facing Honda X-ADV.

A new off-road, Grand Prix Red, CRF-style colour scheme really establishes the X-ADV’s motorcycle DNA.

Front three-quarter facing Honda X-ADV.

With a strong twin-cylinder engine and a selection of different transmission modes, it’s an exhilarating ride through those fast, sweeping bends.