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Adventure at heart

Named after the Dakar-winning NXR750 machine, the CRF1000L Africa Twin is not just for touring and off-road excursions, it’s a strong everyday bike too.

The call of the wild

When you hear it, be ready.

The Africa Twin is the perfect companion and will go anywhere with you – town or country. It has Throttle By Wire that comes with 3 ride modes and on DCT models, there's an additional G mode for going off road – plus a host of other innovative, new engine components to take you further than you’ve ever gone before. The mighty CRF1000L is ready when you are.

Close up of Honda Africa Twin brake lights.
Close up of Honda Africa Twin suspension.
Honda Africa Twin side view street location.
Close up of Honda Africa Twin exhaust.

Make tracks

Don’t let the end of a road stop you.

There’s nothing that can hold back the CRF1000L Africa Twin, or you for that matter. Take it through town, escape for a weekend ride or a touring holiday – with a bit off off-road thrown in of course. Whichever you choose, this motorcycle is equipped to take you anywhere. How far you want you go, is entirely up to you.

Greater Detail

Take a closer look at the unique features that make an Africa Twin the stuff of legend.

Greater Detail

Take a closer look at the unique features that make an Africa Twin the stuff of legend.

Compare the twins

There are two different models to choose from, both have a real hunger for adventure.

Honda Africa Twin side view CRF1000L Africa Twin A minimalistic look compared to the Adventure Sports model. 2Kg lighter, but with the same liquid-cooled, 998cc 8-valve parallel twin engine and revised exhaust. Dual Clutch Transmission, Throttle By Wire, with 3 ride modes, G switch, Honda Selectable Torque Control and Engine Braking, 18.8 litre fuel tank and fully adjustable SHOWA suspension system.
Honda Africa Twin adventure sports side view CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports Liquid-cooled, 998cc 8-valve parallel twin has a 270° crank and uni-cam cylinder head with a revised exhaust. Dual Clutch Transmission (Optional), Throttle By Wire, with 3 ride modes, G switch, Honda Selectable Torque Control and Engine Braking. It has a 24.2 litre fuel tank, greater ground clearance, heated grips, extended fairing plus a fully adjustable, longer travel, SHOWA suspension system.

Access all areas

All roads are accessible with 3 rider modes.

Everything is at your fingertips; just choose the ride that suits your mood, your ability and the conditions.

Rider modes

There are three set combinations: TOUR employs the maximum Power setting and provides mid-range Engine Braking combined with a high HSTC level. URBAN uses mid-level Power setting with the same settings as TOUR for HSTC and EB.

Personal settings

A fourth mode – USER – allows the rider to set and save a preferred combination of Power, Engine Braking and HSTC levels. On DCT models, for best off-road performance hit the G button; used in any riding mode, it modifies the clutch control giving a more direct drive through the Dual Clutch Transmission.

A range of rides

A standard manual mode allows gear changing using a trigger on the left handlebar. D mode offers the best balance of fuel economy and cruising comfort, while S mode gives three different, sportier shift patterns.

Dual Clutch Transmission

As the name implies, there are two clutches, independently controlled by their own electro-hydraulic circuit. One is for starting, 1st, 3rd and 5th gears and the other for 2nd, 4th and 6th, so when a gear is selected they switch through one to the other. It’s slick, quick and eliminates shift-shock – keeping the bike stable – as you go up, or down, through the gears.

Close up of Honda Africa Twin controls.

Select the mode you want for touring and DCT does the rest; grab the bars and let the adventure begin.

Close up of Honda Africa Twin Throttle by wire.

On DCT models you can easily switch to a different ride by simply pushing a button.

Manual Transmission

The CRF1000L also has a model available with a robust 6-speed gearbox for those who prefer a hands-on ride at all times. It uses the same shift-cam design as the CRF450R for instant gear changes and works through a light, aluminium assist slipper clutch. A quickshifter is available as an option on both transmissions.

Side facing Honda Africa Twin, countryside location.

Dual Clutch Transmission, with HSTC, adjusts automatically to give you optimum traction and control on an incline.

The all-terrain twin

The right balance for on, as well as off-road adventures.

Front three-quarter facing Honda Africa Twin, studio shot.

CRF1000L’s new 998cc engine has a lighter balance shaft and a revised inlet and exhaust system to improve mid-range torque. It’s a combination that delivers an eager and energetic response - on demand. Together with the engine management control package, this machine instils great confidence when riding across all kinds of terrain, in the city, the country or the desert.

Light and compact

The new dimensions of the engine not only contribute to the increased ground clearance, but also to rider comfort. It’s held by 6 hangers, keeping vibration to a minimum. The chassis – a semi-double cradle steel – is strong and with outstanding versatility between high-speed touring and genuine off-road ability.

Pulling power

Combine the peak power of 70Kw @ 7,500rpm, with 99Nm torque @ 6,000rpm and you get plenty of strong acceleration when you need it.

Ups and downs

The Dual Clutch Transmission makes it easier getting up hills and down too. It has a clever way of detecting an incline. The steeper the angle, the more it will adjust to give you the best possible traction and control.

Light and efficient

The slim 18.8-litre fuel tank, combined with the engine’s fuel efficiency, can provides a range of over 400km – depending on road conditions. Further weight saving of 2.3Kg is achieved by using a Lithium-Ion battery. The added benefit is a longer life, and it holds the charge much better – even when left standing for a while.

Built to win

Over 8,500 punishing kilometres of dunes, mud, camel grass and rock. The Africa Twin conquered it all.

2x Honda Africa Twins with riders, looking over a canyon.

In 1981, Honda took its very first steps into the Paris-Dakar Rally – the toughest off-road motorcycle race in the world. Just five years later, the Africa Twin dominated the event with a 1-2-3 finish – then won the next, and the next, and the next.

Side facing Honda NXR-750, studio shot.

The Honda NXR-750 – our original Paris-Dakar Rally winner.