Customised Parts Disclaimer Notice

Please read carefully before purchasing any Customised Parts.

The manufacturer and distributor of each Customised Part guarantees and warrants the function, performance, and quality as detailed with the Customised Part.

Customised Parts must be correctly attached or fitted in compliance with the laws and regulations.

 It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/user to ensure the Customised Parts are correctly attached or fitted to help ensure the safe use of the vehicle, the safety of the vehicle user and others.

You must read carefully and follow the instructions in the Instruction Manual/Leaflet attaching/fitting as instructed.  Please make sure to conduct an inspection prior to riding the vehicle, in addition to regular maintenance checks.

If you have any queries about the attachment/fitting, please contact the dealership where you purchased the Customised Parts.   

If you experience any abnormalities during the ride, please stop immediately and arrange for an inspection at a dealership.

In any absence of any negligence or breach of duty by us, the use of such Customised Parts is at your own risk. This will not affect your statutory rights.

  • Prices are Suggested Retail Price for reference only. Actual sales prices are defined at each dealership.
  • Prices do not include the vehicle price, or service rate to attach the option parts etc. These will be charged separately.
  • The specifications, price etc. of Customised Parts are liable to change without advance notice. Customised Parts may require time for delivery or could be discontinued without advance notice.
  • You must read carefully the Instructions and Customised Parts must be attached/fitted correctly as instructed to vehicles and parts on the vehicle as specified in the instructions, and should not be applied anywhere that is not specified.
  • To attach/fit the Customised Parts, special treatment (e.g. wiring) may be necessary. Please contact the dealership should you have any queries.
  • We cannot guarantee that it is possible to attach/fit a combination of various Customised Parts. Such attachments/fittings may not be possible, or require an extensive level of treatments.
  • The Customised Parts are not Honda Genuine parts, therefore although some Customised Parts may be similar to Honda Genuine Parts the Durability, Functionality, Quality etc. may differ.
  • By attaching the Customied Parts, there is a risk that engine characteristics or drivability may be affected.
  • Certain Customised Parts may require to be attached/fitted at a certified factory or workshop, in this instance we strongly recommend attachment/fitting at a certified factory or workshop. Please contact the dealership for the certified factory or workshop details.
  • Any fitting time stated is for reference only. For details as to fitting time, please contact the dealership.
  • The exact color of the Customised Parts shown in photos may not match the actual color of the Customised Parts.