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Year of manufacture letter

What's a Year of Manufacture letter?

A Year of Manufacture letter is useful if you are trying to get an age-related registration from the DVLA. This is most likely because the Motorcycle is an off-road vehicle and/or is too old for a Certificate of Conformity.

We can issue a Year of Manufacture letter for your motorcycle if records for the vehicle are be found. On some occasions, we may not be able to provide a Year of Manufacture. We are more than happy to check for you and can advise the outcome once the request has been processed.

How to get one 

Please write to us at the address below or email Remember to include the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your motorcycle and your full postal address. We will need this to issue the letter.

The charge for this service is £25+VAT (£30) payable by cheque or bank transfer, however we will only ask for payment if we are successful in retrieving the information for your Motorcycle.

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You may need to wait anywhere between four and six weeks for the information, especially in cases where the motorcycle is older than 1995, as we have to contact the factory of origin where the Motorcycle was manufactured.