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Vintage clothing

Air-cooled nostalgia



Vintage quality

Our T-shirts, hoodies and jumpers are printed with designs evocative of a classic motorcycle era.

Total recall

Clothing designed to trigger past memories.

It could be the ticking sound of a hot engine as it cools, or the roar from Jim Redman’s Super Six – a flat-out blur – at the Isle of Man TT races. Whatever it may be, our range of vintage clothing will bring that golden age to life.

The beautifully designed t-shirts and hoodies are crafted to reflect your lifestyle: vintage washed to provide that luxurious feel, all items go through seven processes before reaching you; care and attention to detail are key to the Vintage Collection.

Honda logo on t-shirt
Honda logo on t-shirt
Honda hoodies on models
Honda logo on t-shirt

Summer style

Our retro T-shirts are adorned with authentic Honda designs that echo the past.

Winter warmers

Classic hoodies styled with Honda heritage.