The immersive world of Wheels and Waves festival returned to the coast of France and Spain in August 2022. Drenched in a unique culture of motorcycling that has tumbled and evolved throughout history, this 5-day multi-site event is a celebration of the individual. Whilst the festival encapsulates surf, skate, music and art, motorcycling plays an integral part of tradition. Stemming back to the original ideology of Wheels and Waves festival, motorcycle racing competitions on the beach. Sand racing.

Honda wanted to add to this festival of culture by allowing its iconic Rebel lineup, the CMX500 and CMX1100, to be customised and displayed in a competition. What followed was the creation of 10 bespoke Rebel bikes put on display in a true custom showdown. But before we highlight the winning bike, let's take a closer look at this year's entries which are all impressive both visually and mechanically.

Lucy (3rd Place)

What could be considered the most personal name from the line-up, you give a name to something that is important, the CMX 1100 Rebel Lucy shows it. Unique like no other, built by Honda Garonda, Portugal, the bike is inspired by the classic CB175 of the late sixties and early seventies and is seen with a one-of-a-kind gold and white paint scheme which reflects its roots in the Portuguese sunshine. No doubt, it's the most distinguishable feature. It also comes with a plethora of unique customisations, including an upgraded rear suspension, new radiator grills and a Vance and Hines Muffler.

5Four (2nd Place)

'5Four' from the UK motorcycle builder Guy Willison's workshop, came 2nd in the competition. '5Four' is inspired by urban lightweight street flat trackers; it boasts a crackle ivory and candy red paint scheme from Pro Kustom and a racing tailpiece. It comes bristling with bespoke features such as Brazilian hardwood grips and a unique titanium race fit Urban Growler exhaust. One of its most striking features is the stainless-steel front number board highlighting its willingness to race, a large part of Wheels and Waves heritage.

The Winner...

Whilst all bikes showcased what Wheels and Waves is all about, from Spanish rides inspired by Japanese general's horses to French designs taking a Californian spirit. Still, just like the sand racing in 1930 that started the Wheels and Waves festival, there could only be one winner.



Maanboard (1st place)

Maanboard showcased its strengths in the competition, from an entirely rebuilt front suspension that boasts 19-inch wire-spoke wheels and a complete stainless steel exhaust system crowned by an SC-Project muffler. Let us not forget the candy and gold leaf paint scheme adorning the tank and bespoke custom tail. Whilst the bike was originally going to be red with gold leaf decorations, the candy blue captured the spirit of wheels and Waves, signifying the ocean's waves. The Maanboard Tank and tail glistens in the light, in the same way that the sun reflects off the sea, with its colours moving and flashing when the light catches the candy blue.