CRF250XRL | Off Road Enduro Motorcycles | Honda UK
Side on, right-facing red CRF250X.


No limits

Race-ready enduro machine.

The wildly popular CRF250XRL is right at home in the roughest terrain, ripping up trails and climbing rocky grades with equal ease. Pushing limits has never been so much fun. The road legal CRF250XRL model* will come with pro-racing light kit, ignition key, modified side stand, and is supplied with v55/1.

* The CRF250XRL is a Road Legal off-road model, suitable for minor/limited road use only. Extended road use may invalidate warranty.  Yoshimura exhaust not included - please consult your dealer for more information.

A bike without equal

What makes it so good?

Start with a compact, liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine with a Unicam® 4-valve head that churns out dynamic bursts of power with a smooth, responsive delivery. Wrap it up in a lightweight, race ready aluminium twin-spar frame and add compliant, high quality suspension to provide traction in the toughest conditions. Style with aggressive bodywork that turns heads, and you have the CRF250X.

Front on view of CRF250X, with rider in race location.

Easy starts

Just what you need on rocky tracks or bumpy hill climbs.

Side, 3-quarter view of CRF250X.

Enduro-style lights ensures prolonged fun.

There’s nothing worse than having to use more of your energy trying to kick-start a bike that has stalled in the middle of an event. Acclaimed by the motorcycle press, enthusiasts and serious off-road riders everywhere, the CRF250X features the easy dependability of push-button electric starting. It also features enduro-style lights to extend your fun after the sun goes down.

Combining light weight, strong, versatile power, and confidently responsive handling, the CRF250X is one of the finest dirt bikes to be found in the world of off-road riding.

 Rear, 3-quarter view of rider pushing CRF250X through deep dirt. Right facing.

Enduro is a tough demanding sport. Electric start makes things a bit easier. Sometimes you just have to get off, restart and drive out, side by side.

Unrivalled fun

Are you battling for a position right up front ahead of hard-core competition?

Or just looking for pure high-flying, roost-throwing, dirt riding enjoyment? The dynamic CRF250X’s winning combination of easy-handling excitement and solid dependability will deliver more fun than you’ve ever had in the dirt.

Front, 3-quarter view of 2 riders on CRF250x bikes, in dirt race location.