Close up of phone with Enter your Pin on the screen
Close up of phone with Enter your Pin on the screen


My Honda+

Honda Digital Key

Access a wide range of connected services and features with the My Honda+ app and use your smartphone as a key fob to unlock, lock and even start the car with your mobile. You can also share your Digital Key with family or a close friend if they wish to drive the car.


Package details

This subscription is complimentary from the car’s registration the first year.

You can share your car using the Honda Digital Key with up to five invited drivers. As the owner, you’re in always in control, and you’ll be given the option of sharing access to all subscribed packages or just Digital Key.

Power On

Start your car with your smartphone. Using Bluetooth, Android and IOS users can press the 'power' button and enter a pin on the app to start the car. Alternatively, Android users can also start the car with NFC by tapping their smartphone on the dashboard.

Lock and Unlock

Lock and Unlock your car with your smartphone. Within Bluetooth range, Android and IOS users can enter the car. Alternatively, Android users can also enter with NFC by tapping their smartphone on the B-pillar. No internet connection required, you just need to be within Bluetooth range of your car.




Close and stop Windows

IIf you’re within Bluetooth range, you can close and stop the windows of the car with your smartphone without the need for an internet connection.

Open Charge Lid

Open the charging lid of your Honda e with your smartphone within Bluetooth range; there is no need for an internet connection.


Be close to your car at all times by receiving notifications if you leave a door unlocked, boot unlocked, charge lid open and windows open. Total peace of mind. 

When using the Digital Key, it is recommended that you carry your Key Fob. For more information, please see our FAQs on the website.


How do I subscribe?

This service is available as a complimentary offer for the first year. Before the offer finishes, we’ll give you two-weeks’ notice before you re-new. Then simply turn on ‘auto-renewal’ and it’s all done for you.


My Honda+ and your car.

Features within this connected service are only available with Honda e. 


How much will I have to pay?

This package is available to you as a complimentary subscription for the first year then it’s charged at £59.00 p/a – just simply register and download the app.  However, if you wish to increase the capabilities of the My Honda+ app then you can subscribe to these packages: Safety & Journey and Honda Personal Assistant to access many more features – with the exception of the In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot, which you can access from the car.


Honda e
Jazz Range

Core Connectivity

Access a wide range of services.

Virtual Dashboard, Remote Lock/Unlock and Invite Driver. For the Honda e it includes Remote Climate Control and Remote Charge Control and much more.

Complimentary to the first named owner, second user a charge of £39

Safety & Journey

Peace of mind at all times.

Digital Roadside Support. Geo-Fencing, POI sending to Sat-Nav, Car Locator, Journey History, Driving Score and Favourite Route Planner.

Free for the first year then £29 p/a
(until third year)

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

In-car access to the internet.

The capability to view content on multiple devices via your service provider (AT&T, Vodafone or others).

Costs depends on usage

Honda Personal Assistant

Just say “OK Honda”.

Interact with your own onboard AI assistant to open up a world of contextual dialogue that will help you plan the journey.

£49 p/a

*The services may vary depending on the model, specification and year of release of the vehicle and the first country of registration.

In order to download and use the full functionality of the app, you will require access to a mobile network and/or an internet connection. For full terms and conditions, click here.

**The My Honda+ app is not available in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.