Side facing Honda Civic Hatchback with a man thinking about ideas.


‘If you make a superior product, people will buy it’ – Soichiro Honda

Close up of Honda Civic Type R with track lap times on the side.

Our Philosophy is based on a fundamental belief: making our customers happy and improving their lives. We will always strive to develop our ideas and fulfil our ambitions, sharing the joy and excitement of achieving this with everyone around the world.


Our founders, Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, developed their dream into our Honda philosophy. It is built on two core foundations: respect for the individual and something we call The Three Joys. Even today, it is shared by all our associates and is infused into every one of our corporate activities.

But the Honda vision is more than just words. Our associates know the company trusts them and encourages them to take on challenges without the fear of failure. Everyone is respected within Honda. Soichiro wouldn’t have it any other way.


Honda is a company founded on respect for one another. We know people have their own ideas, so we encourage our associates to act on them as well as take responsibility for them. Our culture of mutual trust helps us rely on one another and share knowledge amongst ourselves.

Asimo and pupils at Honda's School of Dreams

THE THREE JOYS: Buying, Selling, Creating.

The first family to buy a Honda FCX.

Joy of Buying

We want our customers to feel that they have made a wise choice and to experience years of faithful service from their Honda.

Close up of Honda Civic 4 door with bicycle carrier.

Joy of Selling

Our range should motivate our retailers. A retailer cannot easily sell a product that does not inspire confidence.

Honda Uni Cub being used in a library.

Joy of Creating

If our customers and retailers are satisfied, then our development teams can take pride in their work - a job well done.


Everyone on a Honda factory floor wears white overalls – even the president. Dirt shows up on white clothes: if you make the plant as clean as possible, there’ll be no dirt to show up. This was Soichiro Honda’s idea, back in 1952, and we’ve followed it ever since.

Front facing Honda Civic 5 door with workers.

Today, all our technicians worldwide, still wear the white overalls to honour Soichiro’s original idea.

"Good products can't be made in a dirty plant."

The joy of work: In the Honda world we want everyone to enjoy their work, speak openly, proceed with ambition and value endeavour. We think that helps our associates produce high-quality, good-value products. Our goal? Complete customer satisfaction.

Soichiro Honda and some factory workers in white overalls.

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