Honda CR-V Hybrid AWD

Our premium hybrid crossover SUV

CR-V Hybrid SUV car driving on the road in a mountain location.

The new CR-V is bold, imposing, with new levels of performance, safety and comfort. Available as a full hybrid and a plug-in hybrid.

Fuel efficiency icon
Full hybrid fuel efficiency
Driving range
Full hybrid driving range
596 miles on a full tank*
Plug in
Plug-in hybrid EV range
50 miles of pure electric zero emission drive**
Emissions icon
Plug-in ultra-low emissions
As low as 19g/km of CO2**
Seat icon
Luxurious interior
Premium leather heated, cooling and power reclining seats†
Safety icon
Our most cutting edge safety system yet
Honda SENSING 360 on selected grades provides all round safety on the roads

Explore the CR-V exterior features

A bold, imposing look With new mesh grille design

Instantly recognisable With signature rear lights

Panoramic glass roof That fills the cabin with light 

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CR-V Hybrid SUV close up of front mesh grille.
CR-V Hybrid SUV close of up exterior rear lights.
CR-V Hybrid SUV interior shot featuring panoramic glass roof.
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  • Crystal Black Pearl As standard
  • Premium Crystal Red Metallic £995
  • Platinum White Pearl £675
  • Diamond Dust Pearl £995
  • Canyon River Blue Metallic £675
  • Gold Titan Metallic† £675

Explore the CR-V interior features

Clean and modern dash design With intuitively laid out controls and a wide field of view

Heated front and rear leather seats On selected grades, with cooling feature on front seats

Sliding and reclining rear seats Adds additional leg room and comfort on longer journeys

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CR-V Hybrid SUV close up of interior dash.
CR-V Hybrid SUV close up of interior heated front and rear leather seats.
CR-V Hybrid SUVrear seat reclined with female and dog at the open boot.
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  • Black Leather - As standard Standard

Choice of self-charging full hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrains

Maximum power output


Maximum torque


Smooth responsive acceleration (from 0-62mph)


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CR-V Hybrid SUV front view of car driving in mountain location.

Honda hybrid technology

Electric drive

Drawing power solely from the battery, delivering an instant response and EV-like silence.

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Hybrid drive

The engine is powering the generator motor that drives the car. Great performance, low emissions and long range are the hallmarks of hybrid drive. 

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Engine drive

Directly powered by a highly efficient petrol engine during sustained driving.

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Regenerative braking

Harvests excess energy, storing it in the battery for later use.

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Interior shot of driver using the head up display in a CR-V Hybrid SUV in a park location.

Tomorrow’s technology, today

Head Up Display 

See essential driver information without taking your eyes off the road. †

Immersive audio performance

With 12 Bose speakers. †

Self-parking feature

Honda Parking Pilot does the parking for you. †

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Close up of the wheel and side of the CR-V Hybrid SUV car parked with model.

360° of safety

Introducing our most advanced safety system yet. Honda SENSING 360, available on selected grades, expands the existing Honda SENSING range to cover 360 degrees around the car. With new features such as Active Lane Change Assist, Front Cross Traffic Warning, Cornering Speed Assist and more.

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Close up of the wheel and side of the CR-V Hybrid SUV car parked with model.

Additional safety features

The CR-V is fitted with additional cameras on selected grades creating the Multi-View Camera System which expands your view to see what’s in front of, alongside and behind your vehicle in various conditions when maneuvering.   

The new CR-Vs Adaptive Driving Beam adjusts your headlight's light distribution on select grades, allowing you to see the road ahead without dazzling others.

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Car shown is a Honda CR-V 2.0 i-MMD Full Hybrid Advance in Canyon River Blue Metallic – Economy & Emissions figures: (WLTP*) Range 5.7-8.1 (l/100km), CO2 128-183 (g/km).
Car shown is a Honda CR-V 2.0 i-MMD Plug-in Hybrid Advance Tech in Diamond Dust Pearl – Economy & Emissions figures: (WLTP**) weighted combined 0.8 (l/100km), CO2 weighted 19.0 (g/km). Electric energy consumption weighted combined: 17.2 kWh/100 km.
Figures, sourced from EU regulated laboratory test results, are provided for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving experiences.

† Selected grades

*Indicative charge times shown, for comparison purposes. CR-V PHEV on board charger is single phase and has a max charging capacity of 6.8kW. A charge from a 0 - 100% can be achieved in approximately 2.5 hours with a min. 6.8kW(32A) AC charger and 7.7 hours using a 2.3kW(10A) home charging, in optimal conditions such as a temperature around 25°C. Actual charging times may vary depending on various factors: including the age, type, charging capacity, condition and temperature of the charging unit and the battery, max charging rate of the vehicle and the charge point, the starting charge and environmental conditions such as the outdoor temperature at the point of use and the current and voltage available at the charging point. Charge times may be longer in colder weather and if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology. You can only charge a vehicle’s battery at the maximum charge rate the vehicle can accept. The time it takes to charge will also be limited by the max charging rate of the charge point you are using.