Maintenance Tips


Things you can do yourself to keep your Honda in top condition.


An MOT checks that your vehicle is roadworthy to ensure that it meets environmental and road safety standards.

Honda trained technicians will carry out complimentary safety checks which include structural inspections, fuel system checks, steering and suspension, horn operation and seat safety checks to provide greater peace of mind. It’s worth remembering that if you book with a service, you can get your MOT for just £45*.

Maintenance Tips

Here are a few things you can do to keep your Honda in good shape between services.



Tyre condition
Taking care of your tyres allows for better handling, fuel efficiency and safety. It’s a good idea to check tyres at least once a month for any bumps, bulges, cuts, splits, cracks or threadbare. If you spot any of these, visit a local Honda retailer for advice.

Tyre pressure
Your owner’s manual will state the recommended tyre pressure for your car. Check the pressure when your tyres are cold and use a pressure gauge.

Spare tyre and repair kit
If your car has a spare tyre, make sure it’s in good condition and your tyre repair kit hasn’t passed its expiry date.



Keeping your battery healthy
To keep your vehicle battery in good working condition, don’t leave the vehicle unused for long periods of time, avoid regular short trips and try to drive at least 30 minutes once a week. Charge your vehicle accordingly and turn everything off when parked. If a dashcam is fitted, make sure you turn it off and ensure all your doors are closed.

Oils / Fluids


Checking your oil levels
The right amount of oil is essential for keeping your engine running smoothly, so make sure you check levels regularly. We recommend you do it whenever you refuel and always before a long journey. Ensure your vehicle is parked on a flat surface and use a dipstick. Honda recommends using Honda Genuine Oils supplied by your local Honda retailer.

Keep topped up with fuel
Be sure to keep your tank topped up with the right fuel.

Checking your cooling system
If your coolant levels are low, your engine might overheat. Make sure your coolant levels are maintained and there are no signs of coolant leaks around the engine bay or underneath your car.

Emergency Kit


Just in case you breakdown, it’s a good idea to keep a few essential items in your car. We suggest: a blanket, first aid kit, torch, map, warning triangle, de-icer, anti-freeze, engine oil, waterproofs, tow rope and a phone charger.

1. At participating Retailers only. 2. Prices subject to change without prior notice. MOT £54.85 when booked separately. *£45 when booked with a service.