Side facing Honda Civic e:HEV hatchback parked in a side street.

All-New Civic e:HEV –
The Driver’s Hybrid

Launching Autumn 2022, the all-new Civic e:HEV is a sporty self-charging, full hybrid hatchback that complements the Civic’s legendary dynamics, design and technology with exhilarating, electrified power. Register your interest today to receive all the latest updates on the new Civic hatchback.

Honda e:HEV technology delivers a full hybrid performance and dynamic drive.

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The full hybrid experience

Honda’s e:HEV full hybrid technology delivers silent running on pure electric power - which a mild hybrid cannot do.

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No need to plug in

You’ll never have to plug in the new Civic e:HEV as the self-charging full hybrid drivetrain does not need a mains electricity supply and, in addition, captures energy lost while braking and returns it to the hybrid battery.

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The Civic has a range of up to 521 miles* in real-world driving and achieves CO2 emissions as low as 89g/km* without sacrificing comfort or performance.

*Civic WLTP data

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Peace of mind

Honda is well-known for its reliability and has a wealth of experience and knowledge of hybrid engine technology. Even so, we offer a 5 year/90,000 miles warranty* on each of our hybrid batteries.

*Whichever comes first.

Electric drive releases electricity from the hybrid battery for smooth silent running and instant acceleration.

In hybrid drive, the petrol engine powers Civic’s electric motors to provide optimum driving performance and long-range efficiency.

Engine drive sends power directly to the wheels to maintain continuous higher speeds, for example on motorways, while charging the battery at the same time.

With regenerative braking, energy discharged when you apply the brakes is returned via the drive motor to top-up the hybrid battery.

Wireframe of Honda Civic e:HEV engine systems.

Feel the e:HEV difference

The e:HEV hybrid powertrain is the perfect blend of performance and efficiency, seamlessly switching between modes to deliver an outstanding drive every time. Discover its instant electric acceleration and smooth, refined hybrid power. e:HEV hybrid technology makes new Civic a true driver’s car.

Side facing Honda Civic e:HEV parked in a side street.

Clean and modern design

All-new Civic draws you in with an eye-catchingly sleek and sporty silhouette.  Its purposeful looks and uninterrupted surfaces create a fresh, dynamic style. Details such as its 18” alloy wheels and convenient fastback design complete its inviting appearance.

Rear view of the Honda Civic e:HEV hatchback.

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