The all-new HR-V is coming soon. Completely redesigned and re-engineered, the next generation hybrid coupe-style SUV has a seamless, clean exterior and an uncluttered, simplistic interior - all while being both compact and exceptionally spacious. You can learn more about the HR-V in the videos below.


A quick look at what’s new

Front facing Honda HR-V Hybrid

Clean simplicity

The HR-V’s exterior presents a contemporary, noiseless appearance, with its forward-orientated character lines and smooth surfaces embodying Honda’s clean, modern philosophy.

eHEV detail Honda HR-V Hybrid

Self-charging hybrid

As well as a blissfully quiet ride, the e:HEV hybrid powertrain gives an ultra-responsive driving experience, providing three interchangeable driving modes which are selected automatically depending on the driving requirements.

Interior design Honda HR-V Hybrid

Cleverly packaged

With its versatile Magic Seats, the HR-V offers unique flexible storage options, giving the coupe-style SUV ample amounts of cargo space and room to relax.

Diffusion system Honda HR-V Hybrid

Stay Connected

The advanced and intuitive HMI system makes it easy to switch between Apps, seamlessly connecting HR-V owners to their everyday lives.

Stylish and Spacious

Honda designers paid incredibly close attention to every detail of the new HR-V. The result is an exceptionally spacious and contemporary SUV, designed to bring fun and joy to passengers.

Interior detail Honda HR-V Hybrid
Interior detail Honda HR-V Hybrid


Side facing three quarters Honda HR-V Hybrid
Side facing three quarters Honda HR-V Hybrid



We are committed to the joy of driving and lowering emissions for a cleaner future without sacrificing performance. The new HR-V is another step towards this mission and our dream of a fully electrified line-up by 2022.

*Images shown may not represent the final production model.